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    hi all

    just wondering has anyone switched from board gas to flow gas?

    its supposly 9% cheaper than bord gas?

    any reviews?


    pm taylor i think she did a while back…..but think it’s only for a short period….not sure though


    no dont…. i’ll tell you more when i have the time!!!


    had some1 knock at the door today bout it,so you would advise not to change over!


    my gas has been a bit cheaper but think thats down the reduction in gas prices over all… the 9% is a reduction in your standing charges i think.. well when i signed up your gas was the same price but service charges cheaper for the first year….
    Its the bills that are my problem… i would have high gas bills anything from 500 or 400 euro…. you get your bill in on the 9th and its due on the 11th 😯 😯 if you get a 400 euro bill in on a monday your not going to pay it by the wednesday!!!! If you leave and say oh i’ll pay next week you have a overdue bill in the post the following week… at least with Bord Gais you get about 10 days or more to pay that due bill…..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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