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    Morning Sickness.

    Don’t get excited, definitely NOT me!

    Have UK friend experiencing extreme debilitating (sp?) nausea early in 2nd preg. Experienced it in 1st but not so extreme as this. Knows time will lessen it, but wondering if any of u has advice for meantime. So far she tried…

    Ginger biscuits
    Seaweed band thingies for wrists
    Eating little and often instead of 3 full meals a day.

    Anybody any other ideas? I breezed thru both my pgs with no sickness so am useless to her but knew u lot wouldn’t b!



    Friend of mine also went through this condition through her first and now her 2nd pregnancy. She is due soon. Nothing really helped with her except accepting it and living with it as if it’s just a normal part of life.

    She said it is also worse the second time around. I feel terrible for women who experience this with their pregnancies. Talk about sacrifice!!! And my friend is also such a wonderful, patient, loving mother to her child.

    Anyway, I don’t have any earth-shaking suggestions… Only thought I’d contribute that my friend organised her life in such a way that she gets a lot of help from her family (help with taking care of the first child while she gets a rest, help with some housework, etc.). That way things are a little lighter for her, and she can take time to rest a bit and deal with the morning (afternoon, & evening…) sickness.

    Good luck for your friend. Bless her!


    I was sick with both…. and the only thing that helped me was to never let myself get hungry….
    so, yes, little and often…. but if I ever felt any pangs… then it was over!


    Liquorice…I know it sounds mad but the chewing motion in your mouth can help alleviate the sick feeling. Liquorice is good because you chew it for ages. I also used to chew those crappy sweets we got as kids, refreshers etc.

    Workedish for me…


    oh puked every day til i had him, and terrible heartburn oh jesus the thoughts….remind me if i get broody…..

    i found eggs helped me, and also little and often, ginger biccies never really worked, but always had water with me…..or mints……(suppose to wash the mouth out and disguise the smell) lol no seriously just if felt sick would pop a mint and try and convince myself otherwise…..

    hope she feels better soon, it’s horrible when you feel sick you hate every min of it then, i know i did feel horrible when was sick made me not enjoy it as much, except the last few weeks knowing it would all be over…..


    Was really sick for all pregnacies.
    The only thing was for me to eat a small piece of bread (1/4 slice) as soon as I was starting to feel hungry (actually before I started to be hungry, but not too soon either….).
    And if I had to way more than 20 seconds for my bread! I got sick.

    Lost 1 stone in the first 5 months…..
    best diet ever.

    So never let yourself hungry, but if you eat too much (for me if I had the whole slice of bread) got sick.

    It’s the right balance, and after the 6th month in the worste cases it’s getting better.

    I’m feeling for your friend, but it’s just a bad phase.

    The only positive point for me was never understood why mums to be wanted gaviscon (until ds)….. was able to sleep on my belly (3/4) until the day of Csection.
    Tell your friend that she may not have other side effects of opregnancy (swollen legs, ankles, ……) and it worth it.

    But there is no miracle advice for morning/day/night sickness.

    Talk soon,


    Know that feeling-was sick 24/7 for 9mths, even puked whole way through C-Section -found that diet coke (caffeine free variety) and cornflakes worked for me sometimes and definitely being hungry made it worse. No magic cure I’m afraid. hope she feels better soon.


    ohhhhh, cici, 9 months!
    I don’t envy you.



    I had it bad too but on my last 2 ended up in hospital a few times for fluids. I got so dehydrated being so sick. No magic ideas from me I’m afraid. I tried everything and nothing worked. The only relief I got was for 1 week when I got medication from the gp. But I couldn’t take it longer than the week 🙁

    I did try sipping water, ginger, biscuits, anti-nausea bands on pressure points, eating before getting up etc.etc. Nothing worked when I was this sick. It lasted the 9mths right up until I had the baby. I was actually 2lbs lighter when I was 9mths pregnant but good news was the baby was fine, no bother and was 8lb8oz 2 weeks early! Baby didn’t suffer at all. Minute baby was born I was fine again, straight away. I did have to take off work as I was so sick all day, no let up.

    On a more serious note though, tell her to watch for dehydration, it can happen if very sick. I would get fluids in hospital and would be fine for a few days again. But problem was anything I drank or sipped came back up so only intravenous fluids really worked when very bad.


    my morning sickness was unpleasant but clearly not on this scale… but only adv ice i have is to listen to your body.
    with ds1 i found citrus fruits really helped, second time around i was repulsed by them. i think with severe morning sickness nothing helps except time.


    I had morning sickness on my DS, it was awful, ended up in hospital for fluids too, i will never forget it. There were days i didnt bother getting off the bathroom floor, there was no point.

    Tho like SCOLE i found eggs, and ate mints when felt ill. Main thing i think is not to get hungry.

    The only thing i would say to your friend is the sicker she is the stronger the hormones and therefore the healthier the baby! ( so i was told by docs). I got an injection at about 16 weeks in the hospital and sickness stopped immediately!

    I know how awful it is but hopefully she will understand that at least the baby is doing fine, and sickness wont last forever.

    God love her!!


    Funny thing is even though I knew I was going to literally be in that bathroom with my poor head hung over a toilet bowl, morning and night it still didn’t put me off getting pregnant again. I wanted a baby so much every time…..thats a hell of a lot of want if even sickness like this didn’t put me off. Mind you when I was in the middle of it all I used to think was I mad, knowing all this and still going through it.

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