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    What do new borns sleep in???

    I used a gro bag on dd but heard lots of mums talking about blankets and sheets..I would be so worried about over heating that I think I nearly froze dd1 all those years back..


    This is a tricky one….we avoided them on 1st and 2nd baby because we had heard they are not good and can be unsafe but we used one on our third baby, because she was quite small when winter came in and found it very good at keeping her warm. Will probably get one for this baba coming into winter but will be very picky about where we buy it, need to get one that is safe.

    Baby Elegance are an Irish company and they do some sleep ones and their products are all made to extremely high standards of safety, so might be worth a look at their range? I have often emailed them questions, Louise & Gavan are really friendly so don’t be afraid to ask – they are at


    i use gro bags on DS I love them. Think I used cellur blankets when he was a newborn untill he was 11lb. You can get them in TK max for 10 euro


    I used growbags as heard that they werte safer than blankets that can go over the baby’s head.

    Go with your instinct.


    Thanks guys will check out that site and keep the ideas coming…

    I had heard that the gro bags are safer than sheets or blankets as baby cant go under them….but i suppose that owuldn’t be a problem with cellular blankets???


    Growbags are safe from birth as long as the babys head is bigger then the opening at the top of the bag, this prevents the baby slipping down into the bag…. i have a LOAD of them here, but most of them are Blue and few cream


    I used grobags on both of mine, and still would if I could! My DD NEVER keeps her duvet on her….
    I gave all of mine away…. got in Mothercare and Mamas and Papas…. even TK Maxx used to have a good range.

    I remember being so freaking obsessed with DS, that I’m convinced the reason he didn’t sleep very well in the beginning was basically because the poor child half froze at night…. I was always so panicky about over-heating him… and Lord help us when the temp in the room changed…. (we were living in a very old cottage in Donegal at the time… and temp could’nt be regulated… "child needs three blankets….., nah, its too cold…. four, no, its too warm…. just one"….. ) The worry I used to put myself through as a new mom!

    Go with your gut, and what works for you…. you’ll know yourself what you feel comfortable with. In South Africa, we are taught to swaddle the babe so that he / she feels secure…. which I don’t see many folk do over here… so, each to their own… 🙂

    Still can’t believe you are pregnant!!! Love it! 😉


    I swaddled both mine, something my mam did with us, a midwife told me not to swaddle, which i ignored, didnt do us any harm


    oh gro bags all the way
    I swaddled both dd’s for first 2weeks on dd1, bit longer on dd2 then into gro bags. What i did was i kept the gro bag for night time sleep and used cellular blankets during the day – in the hope of setting routine – my sister doing the same and it’s worked for her too. At end of day tis up to you but i loved the gro bags … oh in winter i used to put a little cardi on them on the winter as arms & hands can get quiet cold.


    Thanks for all the replies, you would think i HAD NEVER HAD A CHILD!!!

    I defo remember dd in a gro bag but not as early as a new born..don’t think I ever swaddled..well not every night and after that I haven’t a notion 😆

    Good idea Munchin about using blanketsduring day time naps and keeping the bags for bed time at night..

    Good grief its a mine field.. 😆 😆


    hmm – we are on baby number 4 and every day I ask my husband ‘how did we do this on the others?’ because I seem to have forgotten so many things about newborns!!

    Don’t worry, we all forget loads of things about what we did last time but the important things come back to you when baby arrives.

    ….and if they don’t you have us lot to ask 😆 😆


    i found growbags the best with dd when was a baby cause the blankets would be all over the place with her kicking them and if she got over heated she would be sick.


    I used blankets when they were in the moses basket – mine were so big that they could not move that much in the moses basket.

    Once in the cot – grobags. You can get summer and winter weight ones. They just kick off the blankets and you are up and down the whole time pulling them back up in the winter.


    love the gro bags here too, dd2 is such a wriggler and the blankets are always off her, must look out for a winter one 🙂


    gro bags are great. TK MAXX deffo do the cheapest ones & are great quality. Mothercare are a bit of a rip off. Can spend 35e on one there and they grow out of them before you know it!

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