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    As you know, bitter taste at the back of your mouth can mean louds of illnesses. i will not start to count them, cause this is not the storry…
    The storry actually is about Pine nuts (cedar nuts)!!!
    Bougt them a week ago, as i knew they are very good for helath (have used them before as well). The Best before date ar OK, but NOT QUALITY of nuts!
    After eating them for 2 days, started to feel bitter taste in mouth, asked DH and he have it as well, than DS told, he have bitter taste in mouth… the begining we didn’t realised that nuts could be the problem,but than i did reaserch and look … … 85978.html

    It’s already a week passed and i have this taste as strong as it was, cause i eat nuts most of everybody, son got rid of taste after 2 days and DH just now. :shock:

    P.S. We bought nuts from, like we thought, respectable place,but when started to check packages, the country were they were produced wasn’t mentioned. as we bought 3 different kinds of nuts, on one of the packages we found – China (no offence) :wink:
    In many countries pine nuts produced in China are withdrawn form circulation. (something about the way they process them,and some breeds of pine nuts are not as good for people…)

    Freshly pealed pine nuts are best for 2 weeks, afterwards they shoul be processed, as pine nuts contains lots of fat …

    " Also called pine kernels, pine nuts are the edible seed of about a dozen species of pine trees. The cones are sun-dried, then threshed to shake out the seeds, which are then hulled. Pine nuts are oily and rich in protein, so they tend to go rancid quite quickly; store them in the fridge and they’ll keep longer.

    The longer, thinner Asian varieties are higher in oil than American or Mediterranean types. Pine nuts have a rich buttery, resinous flavour and are used in many savoury dishes, especially vegetarian ones, but are particularly associated with Mediterranean cooking. They’re a key ingredient in pesto and appear in lots of pasta dishes. "

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