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    I have a 27 month old and a 5 month old. Both girls. My older girl has begun biting!! It did start before the baby was born but she has been getting jealous of me doing floor work with the baby over the past 2 to 3 weeks. And was caught red-handed (so to speak!) biting her friend in creche twice yesterday! She didn’t seem too bothered about being put on the naughty chair either! It’s happened at home occasionally and we’ve done the naughty chair and put her in her room with the gate locked but the door open. She just bawls but would stay there longer unless we took her out after the obligatory 2 minutes. Its almost like she feels the punishment is worth the satisfaction of biting! I know it’s just a phase but don’t want to get her to hurt her friends or the baby or get expelled!! Any suggestions??!!


    I know what I’m going to say not everyone agrees, but I heard it few times.
    After many talks about not nice to do it, bold chair…. the last resort is to bite the child back. Enough to hurt a bit, not to make to poor baby bleed (find the right mesure), so they feel the pain they can cause but not cause emotional / physical trauma.
    It’s harsh but can work.
    I did it, once, felt bad about it for a week, but did work as long you don’t show your guilt to the child and it was explained a lot before with many warnings.
    It’s a phase, you can give a bit longer until you go to stronger mesure.



    yeah haev that issue here especially when teething, bites everything, and recently took a chunk out of his big brother’s arm…..was put on naughty step and refused to come and give his brother a hug, he knew he did wrong and only just going 20months

    tried the nibble back but then he thought oh that’s ok…..unfortunately i dont’ know what advice to give but keep doing what you’re doing and try the bite back, obviously not hard like fabienne said….

    my mil said my bil, bit her on the leg, she said her natural reaction was swing the hand, and ended up smaking him in the face, she didn’t mean to, was mortified it had happened, but she said he never bit anyone again…

    have a look at this site and see if any good advice there

    and best of luck…. … aviors.htm


    My ds is 27 months also and he has started about 2 or 3 weeks ago, he has given is brother two terrible bites and those bites were through a heave fleece!! Thank god its not summer…
    He goes on time out and says sorry, but still went on to do again, if it was bare skin i’d say the bites would have broken the skin!!!
    I got a worm dose as biting can be a sign of worms….

    I agree with Fabeinne a good bite back is meant to work wonders… my nephew bit my mother years ago and she said "if you bite me i will bite back" he did and she caught his hand bit back….. he never ever did it again (and it wasnt that gentle, she said it has to be good and sore for them to realise it hurts and not to do it….. cruel mother i had 😆 😆 😆 )


    Hi guys!
    thanks for all those stories and advice. The creche also suggested biting back. I was worried dd would think it’s ok to retaliate but it may be the best solution. I’m going to get a star chart and put biting high up on the list! We’ll try that first but will have to move on the biting issue quicker if it happens again! Fingers crossed! But even when that behaviour is knocked on the head, there’ll be something else of course!
    Thanks! I’ll keep you posted!


    scole i could have written your post about E2 – at 20months has everything in her mouth esp when teething, gnaws her own hand (E1 gnawed her hand too i do give teething rings 🙄 ) BUT when she doesn’t get her way or can’t get E1 to leave her alone she lashes out and bites E1 and then ends up on step and refuses point blank to sorry to E1.
    I have actually bitten her back but i reckon not hard enough cause she still does it but really only when E1 is bugging her.

    On E1 one now she never ever bit – was bitten a few times in creche but never did it herself UNTIL she was 29month and i was 8 months pregnant – i said no to something and she bit me – i don’t know who got more of a fright me or her but i jumped off couch and bit her back – hard enough for her to go "oueeeeeeee" and she never did it again – even when E2 is having a go she’s never tried to do it again. I did explain to her why i did it at almost 2.5yr she knew dam well what she was doing was wrong.

    Don’t know if the age difference all be it only 9months made the difference the 20month old is doing it less and less the older she’s getting and now that she’s learned to shout "eh wayyyyyyyy" as in get away! she’s better able to express herself.


    Munchin thats what my mam said, make it a once off bite so make it a good sore one 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Its a phase they all go through


    my ds is nearly 3 and keeps saying a bad word beginning with b, now i know i am probably to blame but the more i tell him not to the more he says it , any ideas


    I know its hard but just ignore it…. if she is getting a reaction she will keep it up! My ds2 is saying Jesus Christ….. (wonder where he got that from 😳 ) i just started to ignore and in less then a week its stopped, he will only repeat it when he hears me saying it 😳 😳 😳


    yeah agree ignore it – e1 has come out with a few things and usally what i do is ask her where she heard it and i tell her it’s not a nice word and that i’ll have a word with whoever she heard it from and i’d rather not hear it again – then after that i ignore – thankfully nothing has become an issue so far!
    well unless you count pooh talk and boobies but i believe that’s partly her age and other kids but i try to ignore as much as possible and just tell calmly tell her it’s not nice! (remember our pair in boots taylor 🙄 )


    I know!!! 😆 😆 😆

    He now thinks its cool to get his brother to say poo!!!


    Hi all,
    I didn’t have to do anything about de biting because it stopped. However… she bit 3 times this week! 3 different children!! Today was my best friend’s 3 yr old while we were visiting, enjoying de sunshine!! (DD is 29 months) I think de owner of de creche has bittin back (or so dd said!). I’ll have to check. Unless I’m there as it’s happening, I don’t think it would make sense to her if I bit her! We have a 7 month old girl & she’s my main concern! I suppose I’m vaguely hoping she does it again when I’m there so i can put de biting back into practice! I’ll let y’all know!!


    she could be teething…i notice my ds2 bites when he’s teething…..

    also ref the creche biting her back did you tell them too…that is so against anything…i would never bite a kid back that wasn’t my own iykwim, even if the parent told me to…..


    i would so agree with Scole – while i have bitten my dd1 back i would go mad if anyone else did it- wouldn’t have it at all.
    MY dd2 is inclined to attempt to bite more when she’s teething but otherwise seems to have thankfully grown out of the biting phase!


    MY DD was a biter aswell, Everytime she bite someone I used to put mustard on her tongue. She soon stopped it works for cursing aswell. I always had a tube of mustard in my bag 😆

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