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    Hi I have 11 month old b/g twins who are constantly biting each other, she is epecially bad. It usually seems to happen when they are fighting over a toy but they can sometimes do it spontaneously. I have heard that biting is common among twins but i am concerned that it might become a habit. My daughter has given my son 2 really bad bites this week & they must be really painful :( Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience of this, what did they do and how long did it last? Any advise would be well receieved :)


    my friend starting biting her 2 dds back 2 show them how sore it is they have stopped they are 18 months now.


    Oh I dont think i could do that. ppl have said it before but i am too much of a softie & i think they are a bit young still?? 😕


    I think that biting them back just shows them that biting is OKwith you.

    11 months is very young for them to understand. My daughter used to pull my hair, so as soon as she did I would put her down (I was carrying her) she soon stopped.

    Maybe if you catch one biting move them to somewhere that they don’t like for a minute or two like into the buggy in the hall – away from all the fun. This is difficult to sort out when they are so young, also you don’t want them to think of the buggy/playpen/cot as a punishment.

    Giving the other child lots of attention and ignoring the one who bit might work, but at that age they probably won’t know why they are not getting attention.

    Sorry not much help, good luck


    They are very young to be biting, so maybe it is a twin thing. I do agree with a sharp bite to a toddler but not at 11months, far too young to understand.

    Maybe if you just say "No Biting thats bold" then give the injured party loads of cuddles and attention and the toy they were fighting over

    Good luck sorry i cant help xx

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