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    Hi all,

    after my post about Bday parties, now it’s time to get your advice on Bday presents.

    When I talk with my friends they say that like me they’d like a party for their kids but without presents.
    But no-one will go to a party empty handed. So what’s the solution?

    Personnaly I ask my friend what they need/want for their child. But what to do when my kids are invited to a party and I don’t know the parents enough to ask them what they want?
    So at the end I go to the toy shop and buy anything within my budget (10/15ish), like many of us.
    So the birthday boy/girl gets a lot of unnecessary toys, sometimes twice of the same.

    But I don’t feel like giving a voucher as I feel like it looks a bit more giving a thing rather than a piece of paper. And I will give more for a voucher and it’s not in my budget, so I don’t do it.

    But personnaly, I’d prefer my kids getting vouchers/ cash that I’ll use towards the next bike, console game, swimming lessons or even for their saving accounts.
    As they’re lucky to have enough toys and surprises, they’ll understand the lack of packets to open.

    My dd didn’t ask for anything on her big day. She was so happy to see her friends, she just took the packets, put them aside and ran with her friends.
    Never asked what we got her. It’s only at the end of the day that we gave her books. She was so surprised to get something and so happy. She now sleeps with her books in her bed ….

    What will you prefer for your kids, present or voucher?
    And how will you welcome or not a voucher or cash?

    Have a good day.



    ,y ds is going to a party on fri and i too was thinking what do i get the kid, what does he have or nothave etc etc, asked his mom and she said don’t worry but still my ds wants to get a present probably coz i kept telling him we’ve to get a pressie…anyway i suggested a voucher which she said yeah fine but not for much…..

    personally i prefer a voucher or a nice book, ds loves having stories read, my parents would give a voucher for shoes or money for his savings box, i have for christmas which i also got back from someone and was happy was cinema vouchers as they get to have a day out after everything has calmed downa bit……

    but like the idea regards the swimming lessons……actually reminded me to check about lessons for ds….

    best of luck with choosing, it’s so hard especially now, kids expect so much well the parents do really….


    I don’t have to choose any present at the moment as the next party she’ll go to will be in august.
    It’s just a general topic I want to discuss.

    She’s doing swimming at the moment, LOVES it.
    Scole, in B court they’re doing another set of swimming lessons in the coming weeks. Enrolling is next week or the week after.
    But might not suit you at the moment with newborn on the way (when?). If you want I can find out.

    Talk soon


    cool must check that out actually, i wonder though can his dad go swimming with him though, he wouldn’t be confident enough to go by himself, and i would be fretting……


    The child has to be 4 for swimming lessons in B court (some other places ask that the child goes to school). And yes I suppose dad can be with him at first.
    Take care.


    A great gift idea for kids who go to the Gaelscoil is Irish Books. The wise owl beside M&S in Drogheda sells Dora, Ben 10 etc. as Gaeilge. Makes a nice gift.

    Apart from that, I usually buy clothes or pyjamas. Kids can never have enough clothes or pyjamas – well mine certainly cannot, they are dirty little beggers as soon as they are out playing for 5 minutes


    i usually go for smyhts vouchers for ds classmates, money for my cousins and usually character pj’s for my mates children(can never have too many pj’s)

    I owuld never turn up empty handed to a aparty even if they said dont bring anything!


    Just thought of another idea…

    The Savoy Cinema in Balbriggan is brilliant. You could get a voucher for there. They do kids clubs on a Sat & Sun morning. Its 5.50 euro per child and that includes admission and popcorn & drink and then, when they bring their rubbish out with them after the movie, they get a chocolate bar as a reward. Adults go free Sat & Sun mornings. Its brilliant….

    Much betterthan the cinema in Drogheda in my opinion

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