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    what’s the best thing to do for a 2yr old’s birthday? get an entertainer or would funtasia take a booking? had ds’s 2nd birthday in kangaroo club which was grand he was able to play in the ball pit etc. but now that’s gone & i’m not sure if dd would get any enjoyment out of having her birthday in funtasia or not… any advice?


    Sorry can’t really answer your query but if you decide to have party at home, Pin the tail on the Donkey is a big hit with that age group – you can get them in Centra or Tesco.

    We had a sports day recently & that was very popular with the kids aged two to four.



    i think Funtasia is a bit too noisy for a two year old party. was at a party for a 3 year old there and it was a disaster, the child would not mingle because the place is so noisy. i think its better for when they are a little bit bigger

    For my daughter who was 3 this year, I bought some fac paints, balloons and a pniata. My sisters and I painted faces and played musical chairs and simon says and then the kids battered the pinata for almost an hour until it feel apart. We also had a bouncy castle.

    The bouncy castle from rainbow castles was good but the pinata from Ruth Dillon at the Drogheda market for 25 euro was the best thing on the day.

    I’ve done Kangaroo Club, Astro Tots etc but this was one of the best parties we’ve had. Simple but the kids loved it

    Good luck!


    my little one will be 2 in nov and i intend to do same as her first birthday – a family party with my 2 close friends who have kids similar ages will still end up with approx 12adults and 6 kids.
    I’ll probably get a pass the parcel & I have a CD with songs on for kids parties – personally i reckon i’ll have no choice but to go to likes of funtasia etc when she’s older so this will do for now – she’ll be chuffed to have her cousins etc around her oh might actually get the face paints this yr too (maybe)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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