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    I was at a birthday a few weeks ago, ds was invited and neither of us knew the child, so i only got the child a 10e smyths voucher…. when at the party i heard the father going through the gifts and comment at the smyths voucher "you wont get much with that!!!"
    Felt like saying would you have rathered some cheap Heatons tat or a voucher, you could spend 10e on a toy and nobody would know how much you spent iykwim

    Have another party (another class mate) and dont know what to give 10e, 15e or 20e…… of course i’d rather give 10e :lol: :lol: :lol: If my Ds got 10e voucher i would be very very happy with that
    Advice needed and quick party is tomorrow
    Thanks in advance


    Taylor every year my dd has a party and all her classmates get invites, and she gets invited to to all their’s and she never gets more than 10€ from her classmates and we never give more than €10 , I would hate to see her getting anymore than this as it puts to much pressure on parents , this year alone she had 10 birthday partys so with only giving €10.00 thats mounted up to a €100.00 ❗ ❗ ❗ I wouldnt let that igorant father put me off after all is that why the only reason why we have birthday parties to see who gives the most ❓ ❓ ❓ As i say to the other parents dont worry about a pressie as long as the child makes it, seeing my dd face when her friends turn up is priceless and tbh she doesnt really be bothered abt pressies, I think its more the parents ❗ ❗ ❗


    10 euro is grand, he is obv a very rude individual, you don’t even have to spend that much if you look around Smyths I have given lovely books or something reduced before for between 5-10 euro.

    Most of the time the pressies are fecked on a heap never to be looked at again.

    10 euro Smyths voucher is fab…

    I would have smacked him 😆


    Do you give vouchers or cash?

    I give his close friends 20, but a while back i went and had to pay for my 2 kids into the play centre myself 12e so i kept the voucher in my nappybag… that would have been 32e for a visit to the playcentre

    My nephews did give 20 but all the mums have cut back this year, but someone gave my nephew 25e, my sister said she felt it was WAY TOO MUCH…. his birthday is xmas week too

    HMM i felt like it… well felt like shite tbh! I like the idea of vouchers as they can buy what they like rather then some shite that will go to charity


    Depends how much you can afford, no one should diss a present or cash amount especially in this day and age.

    I would spend up to 10 euro, thats all I could afford , your’e right perhaps a voucher is better but kids love unwrapping!


    I think 10 is grand, thats what I would do. He sounds like a rude git!


    Close friends get €20, family children €30 and friends i do is €15…. all the party venues charges that so i give pressies to that value.

    I would mormally get vouchers for easons… books


    Im like HMM, go to smyths and spend between 5 and 10 euro,
    The check of the father ignorant pig


    I wouldn’t have been able to contain my anger!!

    In fact I may have snatched it back…we would be delighted with 10 euro


    An extreme rude and ignorant man. You say thank you no matter what. I have not reached that stage with birthday parties but when I do – I will be looking out for bargains or buying in bulk – would not give cash or a voucher. If you buy a gift – no one knows how much you spent. TK Maxx is great for that.


    I use to spend 20 on all the friends birthday parties, but then i noticed nobody else really was, they were buying things for €10-12 like jigsaws, and i was glad, now i just do the same.

    As others have siad, its really not about the present. Id love to sya no presents but i think it would be a bit mean on my child so dont.

    At my daughters recent christening, i insisted that no presents were brought. we really dont need any more for her.


    Taylor, I should remember said child for next year and make it my business to do something that made me feel better about my extreme displeasure at hearing that on receipt of a, give a chemistry set with stink bomb recipe or similar as gift…

    Any gift is within the powers/opinions of the bearer and receipients should be grateful they getr anything at all. Where does he get off thinking child has some kind of entitlement to a particular value of gift?It’s about the giving, not the receiving.

    Any NS child should be thrilled with 10euro. HMM right, often gifts quickly discarded, so something that lasts longer is to be desired, ie voucher. If I am planned and in town ahead of a birthday, I like to give Waterstone’s voucher. 10 smacker is plenty enough. Kids the age u on about have no concept of money, so more is wasted on them, IMHO…


    personally i like vouchers coz you can put it towards something…i,e book, lego etc etc or save it until the summer….

    you can get some great gifts in tkmaxx and the like or argos 2 for 20 (i.e 10e a pressie)…my ds got pj’s and bubble bath love those pressies as he gets to wear something and have fun in the bath they get used rather than being put in a press for a rainy day (and forgotten about)

    i now get presents something to wear ie. t-shirt or pj’s, a little toy to open whether it’s a book or colour…


    I hate buying kids toys as most kids could well do without them, i get my family to give vouchers or cash so it can be pooled for 1 big item…..

    Im not joking i was raging!!!! I felt like kicking the As**ole, he is one of these people whos i always saying things like "No recessionin your house or have it and you get it!" Eh we are a one wage family, could well do with more money if i could get it…. he may aswell of called me a scabby bitch to my face, i seen one of the toys was a 3e toy (reduced in Heatons) Wait till next year i’ll be shopping in choice or 2 euro shop 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Can’t believe that father what a disgrace and great example to be showing the kids 👿 👿

    I would be delighted with a 10euro voucher for one of the kids as a gift, as many have said they have far too many toys, most of which dont get played with so a voucher would be great to put towards something that they would actually want/need

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