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    Anyone got any Birthday gift ideas for my brother-in-law who is turning 40 in August?

    He is an active guy, loves the outdoors, likes nice clothes & music but he lives in Jersey, so it has to be something we can post to him…something not too big!

    all suggestions welcome!!


    The gift id recommend is, order a Newspaper for the day he was born, you can do it online, he can read up on what happened in the world on that day!!


    I know this is going to sound silly but I figure you’re looking for different ideas, for a friend’s 40th recently I did a " This is Your Life" for him but not a real one….. I got a list of his favourite bands, sports teams and just a few general famous photos and then VERY crudely photoshopped his face into the photos….. for example he likes Nirvana, so I put his face on the baby under water album cover…. It went down a scream and is something he really won’t get from anyone else! Failing that…. Ebay will deliver straight tom his door!
    Good luck!


    Some good ideas there, thanks girls! My mum & sisters are looking for inspiration so will say those ideas to them.

    We ordered him a bracelet from the Jewellery Tree, in black leather with silver lettering. I got one for my husband last year with ‘Daddy’ on it and my brother in law was admiring it, so we decided to go with that. Was my hubby’s idea – he can be good when he wants to be!! 😀


    My hubby loves this present!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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