Birthday for 8 year olds

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    Just looking to see if anyone has any new ideas – i hope to have the party in the house…..

    Last year we had 30 children and did a nail party – it was great fun… On a tight budget this year.

    Was going to buy loads of fairy cakes in tesco and let the kids decorate them -they can bring them home as their party bag….

    Any ideas


    when my kids were small and having a party we would have a fun day were we would give out medals for the best runner, best singer best dancer the best at want ever game we would think of put we maked sure everyone had a medal for winning something and when they were going home it was like winning a million euros they were so happy showing of there medals to the parents medals cost about 80cents each


    good idea

    Will look at this


    yeah like an x factor party, since x factor has started back, you could get x factor signs print off from internet dedicate a stage area, and then get the kids to vote and place votes in a box to be counted later…..

    i have sinsgtar for the playstation2 if ya wanted to borrow, will have to check what they are though might be too old iykwim they may not know the songs….

    get the kids to dress up as superstars…a prize could be makeup box, can pick up for cheap or something….


    A Pinata is a great way to keep them entertained for a while. I got one in Tesco, it was fairly cheap and it took them a good 40 mins to break it.

    I also did a bit of face painting for them on the day. I’m no expert so I kept it simple. They were happy with some love hearts or stars with a bit of glitter. This was cheap and kept them fairly happy too.

    The nails idea is good as well, especially for little girls!!

    Good luck & enjoy!


    There great ideas

    I have playstation – Sing Star and High School Muscial Sing star


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