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    Hi Ladies, was just wondering could any one recommend a good place to get a nice birthday cake for my little lady who will be 1 at the weekend (where has that year gone :shock: :shock: ) I was thinking of the bakery/cafe on west st next to the church. Has anyone used them or is there anywhere else. I’m not looking for anythingtoo elaborate just yummy…….it will be the adults that will be doing most of the eating. Thanks again


    Moorland is nice , Just don’t get Fresh Cream as it will not last two long

    Marks & Spencer, Supervalu, Tesco, & Dunnes do nice cakes aas well
    Character cakes

    I got my ds & dd cakes in Moorland ,They were Yummy, you do need to order if you want something written on it, or a character on it

    😆 😆 😆


    Hi Sweetpea’

    I always get my cakes from Coulter & Black in Tullyallen. They are brilliant for novelty cakes. Their number is 9804239

    This is an example of 3 cakes I got from them



    WOW theyre lovely cakes!


    Thanks Big Sister, they look fab, will definately give them a call. 8) 8)

    Thanks too Libby, will keep Moorland in mind 😀


    The cakes look lovely.
    Sweetpea I just got a butter iced cake out of the mooreland cafe on West Street they only had small ones left as I didnt order it, it was only a few euro and it tasted fab, ds loved it and ate all his piece and he was the important boy on the day.
    I dont like the character cakes as they taste yuck, look lovely but taste very sweet and sickly

    Good luck and Happy Birthday to baby Sweetpea


    Thanks Taylor,
    Have the family up for the weekend so looking forward to it all. Its hard to believe where i was this time last year 🙄 🙄 . It has just flown by. Sorry to hear you are not well. Hope you are on the mend soon.


    I was only think that myself, I remember the day you came to the coffee morning (not that we got to speek very much) and your babs was so tiny, hard to believe that your dd and Bunnacurrys dd are turning 1…. where does the time go!

    Enjoy the cake and the get together


    Happy Birthday to DD, Sweetpea, enjoy her little party and the cake!!

    Are you coming to toddler group christmas party next week??

    I promised myself I will make M’s cake each year 🙄 , and last year was a disaster…..looked great tasted awful, and this year I have a number 2 to make!!! Have plans for a chocolate cake, so anyone who has any recipes, i will be posting nearer time for advice, me thinks!!

    There’s also a cake company who advertises in Meath Coaster, Crumbs i think they are called…..they made me a great christening cake, similar to photos above and at last minute, and delivered to my door. 😀


    i use a baker in millmount abbey i think it’s called he works for mc closkeys did our wedding cake and also did my ds 1st birthday cake a huge mega yellow 1 it was yummmy really nice the icing etc was lovely sometimes they’re very yuck and take away from the cake had none left peopl took it home….his name is paddy byrne 9843867 he’s lovely….my ds bisrthday next week but not having a party but got him a cake in asda when up north last weekend of a racing car he loves cars


    Thanks for the names and numbers ladies. Am bound to get something yummy from that lot.

    Was at the playgroup today Moonflower. There are more and more new faces each week, only recognised a couple of faces today and yes we will be there next week……..cant miss santa’s visit. 😆 😆

    I believe you may not be able to make it, one of the ladies mentioned measles. Does M have them. If so hope he is on the mend soon. Tell him to swap them with santa for a gift 😉 😉 😆 😆


    Hi Sweetpea, yes its great to have so many new faces coming, all for good of group!!

    We wont be going to Christmas party after all 🙁 , one of the children i mind has chicken pox and i would be taking her brother to party but both M and the other little one coudl be carrying the virus, it has a 10 -20 day incubation period so we are just waiting for them to get it 😕 and my Dh who was going to be santa, has not had chicken pox, so he could also be a carrier!! so he cant do santa, so we are looking for a new santa as well?

    Very disappointed but know these sort of things happen. I know its also dangerous for pg women to be exposed to it if they havent had it, especially around delivery time and we have 3 pg mums going……

    M will be having a bday party on 29th Dec for his 2nd, so I am hoping I can make it up to him them but he could still have the chicken pox 😥

    Moonflower x

    Ps, you would be more than welcome to come to his party, but I will let you know nearer the time if it can still go ahead, or you may be away yourself?

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