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    If you have a birth story to share please do! Its lovely to read about other women’s experiences – especially when you are pregnant and you want to read about pregnancy & birth related topics as much as you can!! :D


    My first child was born at 31 weeks and 6 days but then my second child was at 42 weeks. Here’s the story of my premature baby Amy.
    At 31 weeks while cleaning like a divil at 11pm I felt a pain, like a period pain. I went to the toilet and it was clear. I was confused and sat on my bed for a minute only to realise my water had broke. I woke my husband and when we rang our hospital, the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin, they said come straight in. Before leaving for the hospital I collected some of the fluid in a wee cup normally used for urine sample.
    We got to the hospital and I was admitted as now my water was broke the baby was prone to infection. I was 3 days in hospital before contractions started and I only got them at night. Very faint to begin with and no assistance given as the longer the baby stayed with me the better her chances. After the 3 nights of contractions Baby Amy was born.
    The birth was very difficult because I wanted to push but wasn’t dilated enough. Then as soon as the midwive said push she said stop. I was only on gas and air. As soon as Amy was born she was placed on my chest then 4 doctors came in with a heated cot and whisked her away to ICU and my husband too. The midwive left the get my tea and toast and I fell asleep.
    I woke on on a ward, infront of me on the bed side locker were Polaroids of baby Amy and my mobile phone. I rang my husband and he told me all was fine and came straight down to me. I was on a ward with new mums but no babys. All our new arrivals were being cared for upstairs.
    I when up the ICU with my husband. Amy was 2 pounds 6 ounces and after 3 days I was allowed home. That was the hardest thing in the world. It broke my heart leaving her and I cried every night. I spent my days by her side. She had a spinal tape to drain excess fluid from her brain but apart from that she sailed through. After 21 days I could finally bring her home.
    She is 5 years old now and just started senior infants. No bother to her 🙂


    I have had 3 very happy healthy pregnancies and 3 very happy healthy children so consider myself very lucky indeed. Expectant mothers hear so many horror stories about births and complications that I think it’s only fair to share the good stories too!

    My first, a boy, was born on the morning of his due date. I’d had some cramps from about 3am that morning but put it down to having had a massive dinner late the night before! By about 8am it dawned on me that it might be the big event starting! We got organised, hooked up the Tens machine (which was a great help) and got to the hospital about 9.30am when of course all pains stopped as soon as I got into the examination room. I gave a urine sample, which was a bit of a struggle, and hopped up for an examination. The monitor was showing no signs of contractions, but the midwife, rather shocked looking, announced I was 7cm dilated and ready for the delivery room! I think she thought I looked too at ease to be in labour but to be honest, once I knew it was happening for real I was more than a bit scared – of the unknown more than anything! Anyway, it was too late fordrugs so I had a natural birth with gas and air and baby boy arrived at 10.58am. It’s amazing how your body just does what it has to do if you don’t fight it. Breathing really does help you relax and not tense up against the pain – which is the natural reaction!

    Number 2 arrived 18 months later – again on her due date – very compliant babies!! However, she was in a bit too much for a rush for comfort. Again labour started very gently with a few pains about 7pm but I ate through them and waited for the real action to start. However, I under-estimated how fast second labours can be and ended up having a panic finding someone to mind DS so we could get to the hospital. My mother-in-law was on standby and when we initially called said she would be up straight away, but when we called back half an hour later to say it was really urgent – was she nearly there – she hadn’t left home yet as “I had some buns in the oven to finish off”!!! When we finally got a sitter, the drive to the hospital was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever experienced. I could feel the head was well down and could hardly sit plus the pains were very frequent. We got to the Lourdes and I tried to drag DH into the toilets to have the baby in privacy but a passing man (thought he was a porter – turned out to be an obstetrician who knows a woman in labour when he sees one) pushed me into a wheelchair and headed for the lift. I only just made it up to the MLU, stripped off, jumped on the bed and 3 pushes later DD1 arrived – at 9.26pm. I didn’t stop shaking for hours afterwards. Fast labours sound great but it is a real shock to the body!

    No 3 was the dream scenario – apart from being 1 day overdue – ruining my perfect record! This time I knew what I was doing – recognised the pains when they came and went to the hospital when they were still 4/5 mins apart. We checked in about 6.00pm and she was born at 7.50pm in a darkened room with minimal assistance beyond the tens machine. I felt in control and the midwife just left us to it until the final few minutes. It felt like a real achievement and so calm!

    So to sum up, my advice to new Mums is trust yourself – you know what you are capable of and all the help is there if you need it. Giving birth is something really special even though it happens hundreds of times a day. It’s something you will never forget so hopefully you will have as positive an experience as I did!


    Brilliant girls, its great for mums-to-be to read positive stories – and to know that even if a baby comes early, they can still be ok so its lovely to hear she started school and is grand now!

    Keep em coming!!


    Oh i really enjoyed those birth stories…. im a bit green with envy, i had 2 sectons and i longed for a natural birth. OMG i was just about to type "maybe next time", i dont think so! 😆 😆 😆


    Never say never!! ❗ ❗


    Believe me Taylor5, I know how lucky I am! Still, doesn’t matter how they come out in the end – we don’t love them any differently!


    Never say never!! ❗ ❗

    Oh i will…. im looking to get the coil fitted im not going to hog this topic i will post up a new topic about my findings


    4 beautiful children later 😆

    my 1st girl wasn’t in any hurry to come out apart from the fact that she was 5 days early, i started having contractions from around 8am that morning and they just kept getting stronger but i didn’t want to go in yet but hubby rang the hospital and informed them we were on our way….after being put on my ward and the curtains drawn the contractions kept coming but still no baby by 7pm until i got up to change my gown and my waters broke scared the hell out of me 😆
    so after being moved to the room with the birthing ball so i could sit on it for an hour i informed them that i wanted to push and i’d walk to the delivery room if i had to, they said i wasn’t ready yet until they checked me and i was moved pretty quick because i was right….using gas and air and pushing for a long time i was getting tired and the baby was too so out came the forceps…i felt like a turkey at christmas, lol…at 8.42 my little princess was born 😀
    20mts later it was my bouncy boys turn to meet us
    at 12 days early he wasn’t waiting, i woke around 7am with pains, my hubby was at work and not due home till 12 so i rang my mum in law who flew down to me to help, things were happening fast that we grabbed my bags, my dd and my notes drove up the road and dd was practically thrown in to my father in law to mind…off to the hospital i was dumped in a wheelchair and brought upstairs while the car was parked, upstairs getting examined and i was 8cm so off to the delivery ward again 20minutes later my son arrived (hubby just made it in the door for it) even he was so shocked by his quick delivery that he spent 2hrs in an incubator, the next day he turned purple and couldn’t breathe the nurse grabbed him and ran down the hall it felt like a long time later that he was brought back and he hasn’t stopped bouncing since
    14mths later tinkerbells turn to arrive, pretty staightforward….woke early got my bag ready, got dressed logged into mumstown 😆 then woke the hubby cue him panicking…i rang the taxi and off we went with me hoping my waters didn’t go in the car……and again intothe hospital and straight to the delivery ward 20minutes later she came screaming into the world on her due date and has been making friends with everyone ever since
    and 14mths later/ at 31+4 weeks i was shopping for my dd1’s 4th birthday party and i couldn’t stop scratching my belly going round the shop so my bro in law brought me to the doctors who then sent me to the hospital for a check up which they decided to keep me in for the weekend to keep an eye on us….2 steroid injections and an iron infusion later i was put in my ward and told to rest…..2am i woke with the urge to use the loo me thinking it was me being constipated 😆 you’d think that after 3 children i’d know when i was in labour…so when i figured it our i rang for a nurse and me and my bed and things were brought off to the labour ward and given pethadine to try to stop the contraction but it didn’t work
    but it did make me sick so was pushing and throwing up which wasn’t nice…at 5.17am at 4lbs 1oz my beautiful little bossy boots was born i don’t remember when they placed her on my chest for a minute before they took her to the nicu all i wanted to do was go see her which i got to do 2hrs later, seeing her so small in that incubator was so scary and when she was about 2 week she had problems feeding so spent 1 week in crumlin childrens hospital, it was very hard to get up to see her everyday but my wonderful brother and sister drove us up very hard to leave her at night…when she was brought back i was so glad to see her, its so hard to go into hospital have your baby and have to leave without her so after 6weeks she had finally put on enough weight to come home and meet the family and she’s been the centre of our lives since and not such a tiny thing anymore
    i can’t believe she’ll be 4yrs after christmas..time has flown…..and thats all our babies i wouldn’t give them back


    4 days before my due date I was in for a check up, when my consultant decided to do a sweep to help me as my pelvis had gone at 28weeks. I was in so much pain, strapped up and on crutches which wasn’t easy! Unfortunately she was unable to open my cervix as it was completely closed with scar tissue! she tried for about 5mins and gave up!
    i went back into her the day I was due to try again, but it wouldn’t budge. Only for the labour ward being full at the time, I would have been brought in for a section, so I was sent home to rest.
    At 7pm that evening my contractions started, at 9pm my waters broke (which she wasn’t sure would happen!)
    I rushed into the hospital and she put me on the drip to speed up my contractions in the hope my cervix would open. After 2 hours I was examined – I had gotten to 5cms but the scarred membrane wouldn’t open, so I was rushed to theatre for an emergency section.
    After my daughter was born they tried again to open my cervix, but they still couldn’t open it!
    Even after all that has happened, I’d do it all again tomorrow!

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