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    Hi Ladies,

    Has anyone done a birth plan for OLOL and did they take it seriously? I have a very clear idea of what I want, as I did the last time. I did not bother writing a birth plan that time as I felt that I would be well capable of telling them at the time.

    Anyhow, I am due tomorrow and after the visit with the consultant both today and last Thursday, I am feeling very down and thinking that it would be a good idea. I used the same consultant the last time and cannot fault her care. She was present at the birth and also when I was involved in a crash at 6 months. This time around, I just get the impression that she wants the baby born and out of the way. Her rooms are packed and I had to wait two hours for my appointment today.

    Last week she made a comment about not intervening yet, this week she asked if I wanted to be examined and stretched!!!! I was induced the last time around. It was a fairly good birth – I just had the first gel, no epidural and a bit of gas and air for 10 mins before starting to push.

    I really want a natural birth this time – assuming that it is not medically necessary for either me or baby to have intervention. My husband has read some article recently on epidurals and how safe they are and how they are excellent. So, I can imagine, that at the first sign that I might be in pain, he will start on about the epidural. I personally do not want an epidural – I have a click in my hip and it can be knocked out of place. So if I knock it out while under an epidural, I would not know and could do permanent damage.

    Anyhow, after all that waffle, what do you think? Is a birth plan to be recommended and do they tend to respect your wishes?


    I have heard that what you should do is write out your birth plan and have a copy and be sure to hand it to who-ever is looking after you on arrival to the hospital – as to whether they adhere to it or not i don’t know – suppose it’ll depend on your mid-wife and how the labour goes.

    Re the epi – i would talk to DH tonight and tell him that you’d rather not have the epi unless YOU ask for it and that you need his support in this – tell him not to push you into it that it has to be your decision -that’s what i did with my dh on last babs anyway

    Good luck mammycool be all over soon and you’ll have your new bundle in your arms 😆 😀


    Hi Mammycool ! Hopefully you’ve had your baby by now and had a great experience. For other mums reading this the midwives in the Lourdes take your birth preferences very seriously and are generally very supportive.

    Assuming everything is normal they’re great at helping you have the birth you want and if things change they’ll discuss your options with you.


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