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    Hi everyone, :D
    Just wondering if anyone can help me, I’ve heard that a lot of people do out a plan for how they want their labour to handled in the hospital i.e what pain relief they want or don’t want etc…
    Is this a common thing and something everyone should bring to the hospital with them? This idea wasn’t mentioned during my ante-natal classes (which are finished now) so I’m very unsure of the whole thing. :?
    Any ideas?? Thanks :wink:


    It’s definitely a good idea! Think of a birth plan as a flexible communication tool – not as a list of demands. It’s so helpful for the Midwives as they’ve never met you before so it’s a great way to give them some idea of how to support you. Where are you having your baby?



    It is a good idea, many pregnancy books have sample birth plans in them (check out ‘The Better Birth Book’, this is a very helpful, calming book to read near the end of your pregnancy, I found it really great)

    You can look at some sample birth plans and adjust to meet your own needs. Birth plans include cover some of the following areas:

    Positions – Do you want to sit on a birthing ball (these are great, worth a go, gravity helps bring baby down!); or do you want to sit on a birthing stool; or do you want to walk around; or get in the bath/pool; or have baby on all fours; or lying down?

    Pain relief – Do you want gas & air, epidural, tens machine? You can let them know in your plan what you would like – but just keep in mind, birth can be an unpredictable business so do prepare to be flexible if you change your mind. You need to do what feels right for you at the time.

    Music – Do you want certain music in the room? maybe you should plan your song choices into your Ipod or MP3 or phone. Music can help relax you and its a good distraction too.

    Food – Do you want to bring snacks with you? its a good idea to stock up now on things like multi grain bars, something easy to eat that gives you some energy. Bring some fruit too.

    Water – Freeze a few bottles of water when you think your labour is starting and when you leave for the hospital, they will be nice and cold – these can be so nice when things get going and you want a nice cold drink, or to put the cold bottle against your skin.

    Feeding – Do you want to try breastfeeding, if so, you will want baby to be placed on your chest as soon as possible after birth to help with getting baby latched on. The first hour of baby’s life, he/she is very active and this is a great time to initiate breastfeeding. Ask for your baby to hold him/her as soon as possible if you want to give it a go. Even if you are having bits and bobs done to you after the birth, try to get baby on your chest asap, makes a big difference

    Socks – feet can get very cold during/after labour so its a good idea to bring some fluffy warm socks for yourself too.

    Those are some of the things you can think about, hope thats helpful.

    When are you due, its so exciting to be near the end, I’m only half way through!!


    Thanks for the replies!
    I’m giving birth in OLOL and I’m 38 weeks now 😯 can’t believe there’s such a short amount of tie to go! Forgotten what it feels like to not be pregnant at this stage though! 😆 😆
    Thanks so much for the help, definitely have a better idea of what to do now!


    yes great to do birth plan i did one on my DS & did actually get it out during labour but that was about it as things did not go anything like my birth plan…but try not to get upset if it doesnt as things dont always go to plan but i enjoyed doing mine in the weeks leading up to my son’s birth…

    wishing you very best for your birth in OLOL…I had a difficult birth in end but couldnt fault the care & attention i received one bit!

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