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    Birth Matters just held its first AGM this week at Our Lady of Lourdes, Drogheda.

    From the AGM it was suggested that we hold several focus groups with women who have given birth in OLOL to discuss issues relating to Maternity Services in OLOL. The aim of these focus groups is to give women a confidential and safe place to discuss their suggestions, experiences and ideas for making OLOL Maternity unit a more women centred experience.

    The first focus group will be held on Wed, Dec 5th at 10:00am-12:00pm in a private residence in Bettystown. This day is significant as Birth Matters is a volunteer consumer group and Dec 5th is International Day of the Volunteers.

    Children are very welcome and the house is well equipped for little ones!

    An additional evening focus group will be announced.

    For further information or for directions please contact Tracy or Jene

    Tracy 087 057 2500

    Jene 087 681 9095


    Hi Jene,

    i have just been reading through the threads related to OLOL, and i would love to become involved as i have said before (thanks for your pm) but unfortuntately i am housebound next week due to hubby being on early shift with no car 🙁

    I have no strong opinions on my own personal experience, but i feel there is a great need for changes to be made for future mums and babies, so would like to get involved…..and of course after attending a workshop on natural birth and reflexology, i have even more of an interest in helping… we learned so much on having the right to make choices and having someone to stand up for you when you need it….



    Hi Moonflower,

    This is exactly what we are hoping for – women talking and brainstorming together to highlight the issues which matter most TO WOMEN on their maternity care at olol

    it is a pit you cannot come next week…. there will be another set up for an evening for mums who cannot make daytime meets…another suggestion would be if we can arrange transport for you?



    Just a reminder for any mums who want to come along for a chat on Wednesday.



    Hi everyone,

    The second Birth Matters focus group will be held ion Monday January 7th at 8pm.

    The meeting is open to any mums who have previously given birth in the Lourdes and would like to discuss their experiences with a view to improving services at OLOL.

    The address is 34 Ballygarth Manor, Julianstown (behind Whitecross National School)

    Please email me if you’re planning on coming.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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