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    Press release from AIMS (Association for Improvement in Maternity Services)

    24 Hours ago the Country’s top obstetrician and the HSE told Ireland that women’s voices must be listened to with respect to maternity care.

    Today, the Nurses and Midwives Bill went before the Dáil.

    Only 6 TDs showed up for a sitting to determine if women have right to decide where and how they give birth.

    The Minister for Health, Dr. James Reilly, failed to turn up for what is the first piece of Health legislation of the new Government.

    Roisin Shortall told us that as Directors of Midwifery and other interested parties were consulted on the Bill, consumer input was no longer required.

    All amendments by birth groups were ruled out on section 24. Tomorrow, the Dail sits to hear amendments to section 40.

    The Nurses and Midwives Bill affects women’s right to informed choice.
    The decision on where & how to give birth must be of the woman; not the Government.

    The following video "Birth Choice in Ireland: The Nurses and Midwives Bill" was filmed at the Dáil protest in November 2010. Women, some heavily pregnant, children, infants, midwives, student midwives, and birth groups all stood in the driving rain to give our elected representatives the opportunity to listen to women’s voices and concerns.

    Please watch this short film and use your media power to give women’s voice a proper hearing.


    From what I hear today this bill sadly enough was passed…. 😯

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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