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    Can anyone tell me what they think is age appropriate to talk to our kids about the birds & the bees.

    My daughter is 8 and I am afriad that she might start hearing things from school before I get a chance to tell her.

    Her cousin knows it all (she is 9) and when my angel is over there on sleepovers I am so worried that the conversation might come up.

    I was always of the opinion that age 13+ was ok but with the world we live in these days ie Rhianna and Lady Gaga I am not sure anymore.

    Has any of you been in my shoes?

    Thanks a mill


    We had to talk to our son because he was hearing all sorts in school and someone told him the ‘stork’ brings babies, so we had to clarify that is not true!

    We did not go into major detail, just told him that mammy and daddy kissed and hugged in a special way and made a baby. He knows our last two babies were born at home because he was here but he was asleep, so he does not know the exact details of how the babies came out. They both came in the middle of the night so when he woke up they were here and I just told him they came out of my tummy and he seemed happy enough with that.

    He sees me breastfeeding the baby so he is used to that and he has 3 sisters so he is well up on the madness of girls at this stage!

    So help him when he has 3 teenage sisters!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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