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    I’m in Bettystown and the time has come to do some comparisons….. I’m currently with Midland/ AES….

    Does anyone work with the tag system…. are there admin fees? I think both Tag-a-bin and Oxigen do it….

    Any feedback would be cool as to where to go / avoid. I’ve been searching websites and a lot of the info is unclear….

    Financial Companion

    I switched to Tag a Bin a few months back Chewie, you can pay them monthly and for the same price approximately that our previous one was collecting every two weeks, we now get collected every week (and every two for the green bin) HTH 😉


    I’m looking at them at the moment…. just waiting for a response from them…. thanks Fincom!



    I had been contacting the wrong crowd via email…. 😳 😆

    And of course now that I phone Tag-a-bin, they are closed….

    Can you give me the costs please?
    Is there an annual service fee on top of the tags… and is it charged for recycling too?

    I can’t seem to find a webpage for them…. unless I’m having another 🙄 moment

    Financial Companion

    Ha ha Chewie, it’s €25.99 per month (you can pay in post office or over the phone). You don’t actually have to get "tags". Their phone number is 041-9882020 and their email is


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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