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    Just found out that Panda bins are now taking orders for their bin tags over the phone for the quarter. The bin tags normally cost €12 per tag which means its costing us €144 per quarter.

    If you buy from them direct , ie give em a call get your quartley tag it will only cost you €82.50. Your getting the tag sent out to u and will do for 12 weeks.

    You will save €61.50 per quarter which means €246 per year, you also have an emailed receipt sent to you to claim it back on your tax credits!! Just paid it through my visa and am well chuffed, it all adds up girls. Could use the money saved in La Spa as a little treet!

    Not bad ehh!



    plus you can claim back the tax for bin charges too happy days


    I never put a med1 form into the revenue but I rang the chemist and doctor and waiting for back dated bills for the past five years… Oh happy days, also getting info from my bin charges sent to me…. Just think of all the money I could have save over the years, but cant wait for my rebate


    i know it’s great i gotta do my med1 forms too…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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