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    Just for the record, the charge that Panda is asking in Drogheda is a rip-off – but I suspect ye all know that!
    BUT… just how much of a rip-off can be shown here.
    In Dublin for the exact same service, the public pays 72.80 a year.
    Yep, that right – 72.80 a year.

    Now dumb smucks like us, including myself because we are living in Drogheda, are told to pay 282.00 a year!

    See here: … ?NewsID=17

    I’m sorry, that’s just not taking the piss, that’s a complete and utter disgrace.
    If our local politicians don’t get up off their asses and do something, they will NEVER get a vote from our family again.

    I’m switching to Allied Tag service.
    Details: The Allied Waste – 046 9433366.

    Either them or Jumbo bins tag service.


    I dont know where you get your information from but waste charges in Dublin are much much more expensive then Drogheda.
    My mum lives in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown area ( there is also fingal and South County Dublin) and her bin charges are MENTAL. Your bin is charged by its weight (the bin truck does this) plus you have to pay 15euro per bin lift, YES I did say 15 euro per lift, then you get a bill every 3 months calculated on the weight of your bin.
    She only has my brother at home so she wouldnt have huge amount of waste, her bills would be over 100euro plus what ever or how many bin lifts she had in the three months…………. So can you tell me how her bin Charges are cheaper then what I pay in Drogheda (70 or 80 euro with Oxigen)
    Oh my MIL lives less then a mile from my mother but in under South County Dublin her bin charges arent done on weight but are still dearer then what I pay


    Dont know where your getting the 72.80 per year ( if you could tell me where as I’ll tell my mother she can save a fortune)

    From the panda site
    Drogheda… 282 euro per year
    Fingal…. 282 euro per year
    South…. 282 euro per year
    Rathdown…. 64 yearly service charge, 3.20euro per bin lift (ie every forthnight would cost 83.20, weekly would cost 166.40 ) plus .20cent per Kg of waste…. so it could cost any amount using this method

    Sorry really finding it hard to see where you see the Drogheda people being ripped off as nobody in Ireland is getting there bins collected for free

    Are you just on plugging a rival bin service provider for free, do you not have to get Admins permission to plug and provide numbers on mumstown as they do sell advertising spaces….. I think you should edit your post and remove Allied wastes number as it could offend some panda users 🙄 😆 😆 😆


    im with allied waste for the past 6 yrs ….first i was payong 6euro a week now it is gone up to 12 euro a week they do not tell you they are putting up there charges just when you are buying the tags in the shops… and another thing i had to pay 20 euro to get my bin of them and i have no recyclying bin so they are not so good 🙄 🙄 🙄 i was actually saying to dh that we should switch to panda cos its yr payout and we will get recyling every 2 weeks


    i really dont think the 282 is a rip off, thats 52 lifts of the green bin and 26 of the green bin plus then we will be gettting a brown bin (which i dont really want, fear of rats in the garden with the smell) but seriously it doesnt bother me at all, i set up a direct debit yest and its 23.50 a month which is 6 lifts in all, how can that be a rip off???

    i can understand where the OAP’s are coming from when they have less waste, and i see they are marching cos they disapprove of the €90 odd they have to pay up front, well march away people 🙂


    if you click the link provided above you will see the 72.80 euro charge.
    Here it is again! … ?NewsID=17

    If they can charge that as a standard price for some, why the massive hike for the rest of us.
    Added to that the probably coming house (poll) tax charge news of which was that was released late last week, this government is allowing the public to be ripped off left, right and center.

    Back to the bins: if Panda cando the job in Dublin for 72.80 (in competition with the council) and still make a profit (they wouldn’t be doing the emptying if they weren’t making money there), then just think about the profits they are making at charging us all 282.00 a year!

    Crikey, I’m going into the bin business…


    I just got a letter in from Panda the other day and while €282 a year looks expensive, when you break it down into the 23.50 per month direct debit charge (thanks yummy for that info, saves me ringin them !!) I think that this represents good value. If 23.50 per month gets 6 lifts, when compared against the tag system which was €12 per lift, then it works out a hell of a lot chapear…(€3.90 odd per lift if my maths is correct) plus you get your green bin picked up for free…We recycle a lot and only leave the black bin out about 2 times a month and I did look into the pay by weight option, cos I thought it might be cheaper, but I think the standard annual charge actually works out better..cos u also pay a €90 service charge on top of the pay by weight option.

    I just had a look at the panda website and that rate is a special offer for people switching from the council collections in certain areas (which are not free) to panda and it is cheap because they have a price freeze until next year…methinks once they’ve got you after next year the price goes right back up again, Its a promotional thing…

    From looking at the panda website, the rate for south dublin and dlr areas are the sameas drogehda……but for people who want to change from panda there are other options so at least people in drogehda have a choice.


    also with allied you have to pay 5 eruo for recylyinig


    I was wondering when this was finally going to hit the chat room,Actually it is a rip off, last year I paid 50 euro in tags and panda them selves were able to tell me when my bin was lifted , now it will be a minimum of 90 euro plus lifting charges , to thoses who think it’s good value , have you never heard of recycling, nobody with a family needs to put out there bins every week, and if you do , you really need to look at your lifestyle and make changes,


    i dont put my bin out every week, prob once or twice a month and the green one only goes out once a month and yes my and my ds do recycle as much as we can!!!

    i just really dont thing the 282 is a rip off. i have no problem in paying it! (what i do have is a problem in paying 160 for a tv licence GRR) and i prob wont put my bin out every week, but im sure there will be some weeks where i might need to ( x mas being an example) and its handy not to have to go to the shop and get tags all the time.


    Ring up panda and enquire about that price, I would guess that it is just you year service charge then you will have you cost of lifting and the weight of your waste.
    If Im wrong and its a yearly charge, well then they are just being competive and underpricing the councils 90…. think your wrong. Why would panda charge 72 in one part of dublin and 280 in another


    My sister works for the county council.
    She gets all her rubbish, puts it into a black bag and brings it up to the dump (via her boot) every few weeks. She says its only costs her and her husband a few euro, probably 6 if she went to the recycle center but she goes to the main dump instead!


    Thats great you sister doing that but to be honest I could think of easier ways to save a few euro.
    There is alot to be said for having your bins collected from you door, I dont think I’d be into stocking up on rubbish and then putting it into the boot of my car, some services Im happy to pay for


    Now dumb smucks like us, including myself because we are living in Drogheda, are told to pay 282.00 a year! (quote from biggins post)

    Biggins you must be the only "dumb smuck" about, click on your panda link and read the prices….

    It says 72.80 per year and cost per black bin collected 4.56

    So to compare like with like for your 282 a year with panda you get 52 bin lifts a year, correct?
    So Dublin people wanting the same service at the price on the link you provided = 4.56 x 52 = 237.12 + 72.80 (yearly service charge) = 309.92 euro
    So the Dump Sucks in Dublin are paying 309.92 while the folks of Drogheda are only paying 282 euro a year!!!!!!

    So sorry to tell you but the Drogheda people arent getting ripped off, its just someone jumping the gun and not reading what is printed in black and white or doing the sums in this case


    So sorry to tell you but the Drogheda people arent getting ripped off, its just someone jumping the gun and not reading what is printed in black and white or doing the sums in this case

    In my case you could be right but if we get charged soon with the coming "home Tax" (equivalent of the now abandoned British Poll Tax cos’ it wouldn’t work for them and the public there actually got up off their backsides and did something called "protest"), I still could be somewhat right! lol

    Just on the House tax, here is the link: … 35381.html

    Friday July 18 2008
    A top level economic body today called for a new property tax to replace stamp duty.
    The proposed change will cause deep concern among hard-pressed home-owners.
    The influential National Economic and Social Council (NESC), which reports directly to the Taoiseach, today claimed the change would mean more stability in the public finances.

    Mr Cowan was asked a day ago to state his position on it and he said that he wouldn’t be ruling it out before the end of the year. So we will be paying a further tax for a service that we are not getting! They have discovered that they are not now making enough from the stamp duty (at a constant incoming rate) tax so they have found this way around it.

    It will help pay for their next large huge TD wage increase in 2010

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