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    Well my ladies the winner of our weight loss challenge will be announced at our parent and toddler group next Tuesday morning. I have already been into boots and had a look ………wit wooooooo

    You have been brilliant , I however have been a complete waste of time
    see you all Tuesday



    :O :O

    Oh god so d-day is next Tuesday….looking forward to getting out since it was cancelled. Hopefully all the ice will be gone by then!

    Good luck girls, may the biggest loser win lol 😆 😆


    well it most certainly won’t be me!!!!!!! i haven’t been up to be weighed in weeks 😳 😥
    Good luck to rest of girls and enjoy the parent & toddler group on Tues


    Wont me be either 😆 😆 😆 😆 Good luck.. I would guess its between Beams, MaryE and Libby….. cant wait!!!


    I think its Noeleen myself…..would LOVE it to be me !!!


    i dont know was down 2lb in sw last night and was only down 1 in boots this morning… i am blaming my 2 pairs of big woolly socks 😆


    Fair play Noeleen you’ve done great ! 😀 Was hopin this last week, for the final week, i would be down another pound but its my time of the month and sure im only thankful im not up !!


    good luck everyone!

    Beams you look fab missus! loving seeing you yesterday 🙂


    I’d say Noeleen or Beams myself.

    We’ve all done great though – so well done us.

    I think their should be prizes for us all 😀

    Im so glad that i started the thread.

    Dont think i would have lost have lost as much without all your support & the free weekly weigh ins.

    A big thank you to Boots & Susan for arranging it all.

    Anyway, see some of you on tuesday.

    I might even allow myself a mince pie with my coffee this week 😀


    Really glad u started it aswell MaryE, was such a gret help having others in same boat 🙂


    Yeah MaryE, really delighted you started this thread too and also from me a big thank you for boots and Susan for the free weigh in’s and to all the girls in the group posting up encouragement and tips. Look forward to Tuesday i think i will have one of the Bagel Bars yummy white choc chip cookies YUM 😆 😆 I wont put my weight loss up here …. just to keep us all in suspense til Tues ….. 😀


    thanks Trixie 😉 😉 you looked fab as always 😀


    Def not me – I have been up and down a lot
    Sorry i cann’t make Tuesday,,,

    Thanks Susan it was brillant – kept me focused and on track
    The girls in Boots have been great…

    Make a lot of friends and had great support from everyone – will miss that a lot


    Girls Girls Girls

    We will be back. A new start next year to get our selves in shape for the summer.

    Same deal, free weigh in, Free Parking etc

    So MaryE get going and get us all motivated again.

    Well done to Tracey Lennon the winner…………….good job



    oh def will make more of an effort in the new year – will keep an eye out for when the weigh in’s etc start

    Congrats to winner – need to know mumstown name haha

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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