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    Financial Companion

    Hi Folks, A few people have received phone calls saying that they have some form of virus on their computer. This is a hoax call! As with any stranger ringing, do not give out any information or entertain their questions. Please pass this info on to anyone you know not on mumstown.


    Yeah, I got this phone call last year….. I just pity the folk who aren’t savvy enough to realise it is a hoax and get taken in by it.

    I told the poor blighter what he could do with his virus…… 😆


    I’ve received two of these calls, as have my parents….my mam was told to ask them for their phone number and say the police are investigating hoax calls to your phone…that should stop the calls!!


    I’ve had no less than 3 of these calls…all I do is hang up…..before they even get a word in…it registers as an out of area on my house phone – so can’t get the number…but hey hanging up is good enough for me….wish people had better things to do in their lives than annoy people with scams 😈


    Ah i never got one of those….. but did hear a poor oul fella on joe duffy who gave them his bank acc no, they got 400e, Bless him he didnt understand.

    i did get a phone call to tell me i won a 2 week holiday for 2Adults and 2 kids in Florida, happy days…. all i had to do was give my creditcard details to cover the cost of the flights (only won the hotel) Your one was sooo happy and nice until i said there wasnt a hope of getting my cc details, there is one born every minute, they are just wishing to phone the right person!

    Financial Companion

    You mean that letter I received from that poor lady in hospital in another country that wants me to have 40% of her €43,000,000 just to mind it for her so her corrupt government doesn’t claim it, is not genuine??!! 😯

    I’ve had 3 versions of that one in the past 6 months!

    Simple rule – give no information, even to respond to a simple question. Caller says something about your 4 children and you respond "I only have 2 children", they’ve just got another piece of the jigsaw. Sometimes they will gather information from a number of sources over a long period without you realising it. I’m always warning people on facebook about giving too much info like date of birth. One friend said "but I only put the day and month up, not a year". I reminded her that she had just put pics up of her 40th birthday!!!!! Duh 😆


    Iv had that call a few times, saying they are from Microsoft! usually a Indian accent



    Im wondering is the number ive had some missed calls from in last 2 days one of these, the number is 001220, thats all that showed on caller display. I want to warn the children not to answer it if thats who it is?


    Financial Companion

    Hi Anne, There is another call that happens a lot, it’s a UK service that gets used by companies over here and it is an automated call. If you type the full number into a google search it will usually have a few links about it. I kept getting one recently and after researching it, found out it was a garage where I used to get a car serviced in Dublin and they were using this service to contact customers.


    Hi there,

    I have received lots of these microsoft calls – told them that I did not have a computer. Just received an email from Microsoft during the week about these hoax calls – apparently they tell you that there is a virus on your computer and you have to connect to a website to download a fix – which will cost 200euro. They then get your financial details and also hack your computer. ds is also great for getting rid of them – he just keeps saying hello until they hang up.

    Microsoft do not sell directly to the public and definately do not support the general public.

    I have also won the european lottery twice – 1million each time – just have to send my bank details for them to lodge it. I saw this on prime time recently too. Some poor man handed over 100k over months.


    my mum won he austrailan lotto 6 times last year 😆 😆 she just had to send away 100 euro and she would get her money she shredded all 6 letters 😀

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