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    hi there i bought my childs first uniform in M&S and i found it looked and felt really bad by christmas….. last year i bought the skirts in Dunnes stores and the lasted the year and are still in good nick…. but can anyone suggest any where else that might be as good???


    we too got dd’s 1st uniform in M & S and it’s perfect come this June, i’ve put the pinafore away incase it fits dd2 when she starts, and dd1 will be starting the Senior infants in the same jumpers as last yr because they are still a tad big and are in perfect condition. Now in saying that she does only wear her uniform 3 days a week and the last 6/7weeks it was only 2days a week. She wears her school track suit the other 2 days.

    My sister tends to buy a mixture of Dunnes & M&S, she doesn’t like the quality of tescos but i did buy the shirts & polo shirts in Tesco’s this yr to give them a go.


    No uniform here, but i did get polo shirts and tracksuit bottoms in Dunnes and they are still like new.
    My sister buys hers in M&S and Dunnes…. Tescos are cheap but they look like rags at the end of the year. Loop Clothing in Drogheda make school uniforms and the quality is second to none and not expensive at all


    I go to M&S and Heatons. My son is majorly hard wearing on clothes and got 2 years out his M&S trousers and they were only 12 euro for the 2 pairs, so very happy with them.

    His shirts came from Heatons and he got 2 years out of them too.

    Very happy with both. Not mad on Tesco stuff, it does not feel as good and does not last as well. Got some stuff in Dunnes last year too but the trousers were massive on the waist and there were no buttons to make them smaller, so ended up taking them back!



    def didn’t like the feel of the Tescos pinafore/skirts/trousers but the shirts seem ok – will let you know next yr 😆

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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