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    Just want to say thank you to Dave Financial companion.
    We had our financial review, and it was great advice.
    He looked into everything, answered all questions, and most importantly did not push AT ALL into buying any financial product.

    With my husband we were talking about reviewing our finances for a while, then got an appointment (the incentive to go into draw for geteway, pushed me into doing it now rather than leaving it for another week, that always become another week, then another month and never happen).

    Very usefull meeting. My husband who agreed to it (did not told him much before the appt), I was the one organising the date and time. He did find it very very good. Then he told me after the review, how much did we pay him for that review. He did find it so good that he thought it has to cost money because it was a review not a sale and he would have paid for it.
    IT IS FREE I said, he was happily surprised.

    If you need a review I can recommend Financial companion.
    It really worth digging into the filing cabinet get the papers out, and have him explain in english not lawyery speach what it means.
    For example we took a mortgage protection when we bought the house (you have to to get mortgage), never looked into it since! but I do check I have a good value house insurrance every couple of years. Never occured to me could do the same for mortgage protection. And the examples are endless.

    The hour we spend with Dave was very informative, money saving and pleasant. First time in my life I did understood financial words.

    Thank you Dave,


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