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    Hi girls, could anyone tell me who they think is the best driving instructor around. Have tried to get driving many times but something always got in the way..Can drive but just can’t seem to get out on the road bit nervous I think I just need few more lessons but would like to go out with someone great who doesn’t chat too much and knows their stuff. Thanks :)


    Hi I know of a person named Ciaran who definitely helped me pass my driving test. If you are interested i’ll pm you his number.


    hi corrine,
    i’d love to get his number too if you could pm me that would be great.


    I’ve had 3 different teachers, but the best was Alan from Tartan … louth.html

    He really knows his stuff-I had him for the last 4 weeks before my test, and wouldn’t have passed without him. I highly recommend him.

    As I didn’t get the chance to drive as much as I’d have liked (4month old ds :)) I also used the videos here between lessons to keep me thinking about it:

    Well worth the 15Euro, and they’ve a money back guarantee too if you don’t pass. Best of luck!


    I think I was a bit like you, I had a number of driving instructors one of them I should have charged him for therapy I had to listen to all his troubles with his girlfriend, it was terrible! I’d booked and paid for ten lessons with him, he also tried to sell me life insurance.

    The guy that gave me great confidence and got me through the test was Mark from ‘Rookie Driving School’. He talked in plain english, I mean that he explained things in a way I understood and I didn’t hear anything about his personal life, thank god 😉

    He was recommended to me by a few people they all passed their tests with him, I did my test in his car as mine was an old banger.


    I tried driving lessons a few times too – i was sure i should have been charging them – because all i heard was there problems it was dreadful.

    I eventually found a lovely lady A1 school of motoring in Newfield

    She was brillaint def recommend her


    The Best Driving Instructor is Leslie Pocock from Bettystown.Never met a more patient instructor.He is ISM and ADI qualified and teaching years.I have lots of friends that have used him and all passed their test.His number is 0879116175.


    rookie is a great instructor,he is very nice and very helpful.i passed my test with only 1 x on sheet.his name is mark but name on car is rookie


    Thanks for all the replies girls really appreciate it! 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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