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    Hello All,

    I have a 20mth old daughter due second baby in 4 weeks and still have no idea to which double twin is the best to buy.
    Had my mind made up on Easy walker duo as the maxi cosi car seat slots into it and it is 25cm in width.
    But today the other half came home and started going on about Phil and Ted explorer
    Went to mothercare this evening and guess no Phil and Ted explorer in the store.
    My daughter is quite long not sure if phil and ted is the best option.
    I am looking for some feedback as Phil and ted and Easy walker duo are quite expensive.
    Looking to get the best one that is out there.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Love and Light :?


    I have the Out and About Nipper 360. It’s a side-by-side buggy, not a tandem though. I love it. Like you, there’s 21 months between my two and I find it great. It was the only double buggy I could find that was suitable for heavier children. Most seemed to be for 15kg per child, whereas the nipper goes up to 50lbs per child, as far as I remember.
    That said, it is quite big and awkward to put in and out of a boot of a car but I knew I would mostly use it for walking straight out the door so I didn’t mind that. By age 2 DD1 wanted to walk in the shopping centres anyway so I use my single buggy there.
    HTH, best of luck with the new baby.


    We have a Phil and Teds e3. It’s been so handy and like you there is a 21 month difference between my two. My 4 year old can still go in the front seat no problem. She is quite tall and just has her knees bent.

    For me the selling points were:
    -The infant can lay flat in the soft bodied cocoon that can be easily removed and carried inside
    -The width of the buggy will fit in most shop doors
    -The three wheels are durable on rocky terrain. The village we live in doesn’t always have footpaths yet 😯
    -And the best is that it is easy to maneuver and can be steered with one hand if need be.

    I really love this buggy and if doing it all again would buy another PnT in a heartbeat. If you are patient, you can get one 2nd hand and eBay has great deals. I bought mine online from the USA with all the bells and whistles for €100 less than you’d get here even taking into account the S&H chargesand darn VAT charge from FedEx…


    Hello Ladies,

    Thanks to you all for replying but I have ordered the Easy Walker Duo from the UK.
    I got it for a good price from Baby Lullaboo.
    I did look at the Phil and Ted but my daughter just looked awkward in it she looked uncomfortable I even went over to Mothercare in Drogheda and they had no P+T Explorer on display I said to them you loosing so much business as ppl like to see what there buying and the fact that there are on average 10 babies a day been born in Drogheda alone. They weren’t bothered at all.
    What I like about the easy walker duo is it fits through all standard doors and the maxi cosi car seat slots into it which is an extra bonus and there is not loads of attachments to be taken away when putting it in the boot of the car.
    Out and about nipper wouldn’t fit through my front door pity because it is a lovely pushchair and light to wheel.

    Anyway my new arrival will be coming very soon and then I will be able to go the monthly meet ups haven’t been able to go as my apt is always on the 1st Tuesday of every month.

    Thank you all for the replies.

    Love and Light

    😀 😀 😀


    was going to say the love n care europa too…. glad you got your buggy and good luck with the new baby


    Glad to hear you got sorted. I had the icandy pear – it did what I needed it to do but was bulky in the boot and a bit of a pain to put the buggy down.

    Just a thought, given the times that we’re in and all that. There’s a great second hand buggy place running from Celbridge Community Centre and I think it’s a brilliant idea – the prices you are getting as good as new stuff from is just fantastic! Also, check out the forums on sites like this and you’ll be amazed what people are selling – you could be getting stuff as good as new for half the price in some cases. Just a thought for everyone else or for any other things you need to buy for number two that you haven’t got already. Wishing you the very best of luck with number two!!

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