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    Hi just wondering what people thought was thae best car seat to get for my little one for the next stage…9 kg/9 months. Thanks


    My daughter is close to moving in to the next stage seat aswell.I decided on a Dimples Storm seat as it has an extra side protection system.A lot of the seats seem to have one layer of protection but this one has 2.I got it for €100 in Smyths last week.

    I haven’t used it yet so I can’t say its the best car seat ever!…..but I’m hoping it will be.I know there are more expensive ones that are probably better but I’m hoping that I chose well for my budget.

    I was told that my daughter can stay in her rear facing seat until her head is at the very top of her seat or until she is 13kg so I am going to keep her in it for a bit longer as I know rear facing is meant to be the safest way for them to travel.


    Thanks for that…will check it out. My little one is over 10kg but like you going to keep in the rear facing for as long as I can.


    We have a Twingo, its very well padded and very comfy and our daughter seems happy in it sowe are really happy with that. They were quite expensive but they came down to 149 a few months ago.

    Smyths are very helpful – they will show you how to fit the car seat in the shop and their prices are great. we got our 4 year old a princess car seat in there for 49 euro and it was 99 euro for the exact same one in Tesco!!

    Mothercare will actually fit the seat for you – they have a fitting station in their Drogheda store and they have good deals on sale in there, check out the Cosatto range, very good.



    Thanks Sabbi that’s very helpful.


    We went with a rear facing stage 2 seat the Klippan Triofix. It was expensive but keeps baby rear facing til up to 5yrs. It can be changed easily to forward facing if so required at a later date. So far so good and despite it not reclining my ds sleeps happily on long journeys. Check out for rear facing options, found them cheapest and they will answer any questions by email including checking if it fits your car/s.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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