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    So Bertie has announced his ‘retirement’. He wanted to step down before his 60th birthday (nice for him to have the opportunity, many people whose pensions have been slashed will not have that option). And nice of him to do it last night, just when we were all enjoying our Christmas and not thinking about chancer politicians.

    He retired with glowing praise and accelaides from colleagues and has not ruled out running for President. If he gets voted as president I honestly will consider emigration!!!

    Here is what the media are saying about it all…..

    "Bertie Ahern has not ruled out running for President, after he announced that he will not contest the up-coming General Election.

    The Taoiseach Brian Cowen has been leading tributes to his predecessor after the former Taoiseach announced his retirement plans last night in Dublin.

    Mr Ahern said he had always planned to step down as a TD before he was 60. He will reach that birthday in September.

    Brian Cowen said the announcement marked the end of an era and described Bertie Ahern as the "consummate politician of his generation".

    Bertie Ahern’s brother and Fianna Fáil TD Noel said he was proud of the former Taoiseach’s economic legacy.

    "Yes matters have unravelled, a little," he said, "but we retain much of what has been achieved and we just have to, sort of, regather ourselves now and move forward.

    Read more: … z19hL5xVjT"

    The cheek of them all….no humility there. Typical FF.

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