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    OMG….did anyone hear Bertie’s reaction to an upset passer by outside the Dail today. He was mocking, belittling and dismissive and said a cheery Thank You to her. It was disgraceful how he reacted to her.

    Even now, with all thats gone on, he had the audacity to shrug off her understandably upset demeanour by suggesting she only wanted to be on TV or Radio.

    Have they no shame…have they no shame at all about what they have done this country???

    it makes my blood boil, they’re talking about it on Joe Duffy now.

    How on earth will Fianna Fail canvass for this election….if they knock on my door not sure what I’ll say or do!! :evil: :evil:


    did you see him on prime time last night , he was asked does he take any of the blame for the way the country is , he replied no sure we had 42% of the support of the voters when i left, what a prick , i left like boxing the tv


    yep, the nerve of him to say ‘the country was grand when I stepped down’ – errr, yes but he ran a mile (as opposed to stepping down) because he knew what was coming because he was one of the main contributors to this mess.

    he can say no one told him about the banks all he likes but thats rubbish – as leader of this country at the time, he had responsibility for running the country and was in charge when it all started to unravel. He was Brian Cowen’s boss and failed to manage anything with regards to finance. disgraceful.

    drives me nuts!!


    Hes such a muppet and he makes my blood boil.

    I cant stand him or any of his FF colleagues and if/when they call to my front door with their propaganda leaflets they are going to get a piece of my mind.


    you know what you’re right he ran a mile and yes he’s a muppet and yes make my blood boil
    but why wouldn’t he give a cheery Thank you – hasn’t he (and the rest) got their lovely pensions, ministerial cars etc etc and what have we got extra taxes, usc chargesm bills going up shall i continue!!!!! 😡 😡 😡


    He might look like an idiot but not as thick as he looked, he didnt do ANYTHING about the builder as he was in their pockets, the mystery cash deposits, the builder who gave him 80k to pay for his house or what queer dealings the got upto… the money into the ex girlfriends bank accounts (Ceila Larkin)
    He was down in the tent at the Galway races with the biggest developers and builder in the country, would love to see what donations they gave to FF!
    Arrogant twat!!!

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