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    Hi all at Mumstown. I am Bernice Mc Kenna , a clinical psychotherapist , hypnotherapist , and child behaviour developement and education therapist. Wow , there is a mouthful . I am agony aunt with the meath coaster, and offer a FREE problems helping and advice service , either via Mumstown , or in total confidence to
    All queries will be responded to , as soon as possible. I also have a private clinic at southshore Therapy in Laytown (beside the railway station there) and am offering all Mumstown subscribers a FREE one to one Consultation , for any problems you may need help with. When booking phone 041 9828218 just quote Mumstown to avail of this FREE consultation (it is without obligation)

    I help people overcome depression , anxiety , fears , phobias, stress , have helped many victims of child abuse , both children and adults , and the list is endless . I have a FREE information Brochure should any of you require a list of things I can help with , so just email and I will post to you , or phone 9828218 , and we will send it on immediately. However, most can sort their difficulties withadvice alone , so pls. do take up the wonderful service that Kelly has orgganised and feel free to contact me any time . Note this in your mail address box
    I look forward to helping you soon. Bernice


    hello bernice im sure you loads of us will be on to you at some stage


    hello bernice im sure you loads of us will be on toyou at some stage

    Well if I only helped one Mum , that makes it all worth while. Bernice :


    Hi Bernice, great service to offer here!!


    Welcome to Mumstown Bernice.
    Very happy to have you onboard!


    welcome Berenice 😀


    welcome Bernice!


    I intend doing a monthly newsletter , Kelly has agreed and post it on this site. Pls. if you can let me know what you would like help with or advice for November. Perhaps Parenting advice , or female advice. Your comments all pls.

    Also , Kelly and I planning a lovely Mums Night for Early Jan. DETAILS later. This night will get you all achieving your Resolutions for 2008. HOW . WELL WAIT AND SEE ……. Bernice . all revealed later. I promise


    Hi Bernice
    Welcome to mumstown and hope you dont get crushed with a rush of mt’ers
    My dh has a really terrible fear of flying, we had a nasty flight about 4 years ago and swore never to fly again….. and he hasnt, we went to Cavan for our honeymoon 😳 😆 😆 😆 😆 (Nothing wrong with Cavan, Artymum)
    Could you help him in someway? I would love a family holiday in the Sun 🙄


    Had this Fear myself (sorry terror). I was unbelievable , put it down to a crash landing when 19yrs old ( 3 yrs ago ha ha ) not sent you my photo yet. ….. coming home from Canada. On my course , got up in front of whole class , as a specimen of how Hypnotherapy works in this regard. Had the job done , and WOW OH WOW , was I surprised. It worked brilliantly , and actually had nothing to do with that crash landing. Apparently in 90 % of cases , it not what we think it is and cold be same with dh. Yes I can help , and know something else , I have lots of testimonails in this regard too. If you email me your address , with your home address I will send you a free Information Brochure and CD , and as a Welcome a FREE wonderful Relaxation CD ( promise you will love it ) , as you the first to write to me via mumstown site (some have obviously written for advice on this address, from Mumstown and want keep it confidential and it advice only that I hope has helped them ) but your open ness deserves this FREE Gift. So pls email now your home adress , and I will post all this info to you and theCD too , before the end of week. The only advice I can give you here, is that Hypnosis works , and as I had the FEAR , I am probably the best at it . You , know wore the T shirt etc. however your dh has to want to go abroad too , I cant make him, so if he wants it , he can listen to info, and book a free consultation with me then.
    So first it b the CD , and thanks for the enquiry . Now take the next step , and get that address to me immediately. All without any obligation . Bernice


    Ah thank you so much
    We will both enjoy the free gift.
    Dh does want to sort this out, he has been looking into Hypnotherapy. I did point him in the right direction but he has to take the steps himself, you know what men are like 🙄
    Im a lover of Hypnotherapy as I gave up smoking when I was 21 (God also 3 years ago 🙄 😆 😆 ) I ate the smokes, about 40 a day and after the Hypnotherapy I never smoked again…. cool or what?
    Will email you my address and thanks again


    Well done for giving the smoke up , and you still so young……….

    Correct , has to be his choice , cos I cant make him do something unless he wants you. ( i not control his mind ) and of course this not just because he a man ……… clients are in complete control .

    You walking proof that hypnotherapy works ……..

    If ever you need advice about other stuff , feel free to write her or at my private address , and when you mail me, I think I can perhaps send you CD in a certain format , to your email , so you can download. so just email first , and let me investigate that ( as you can detect computers are not my forte at all at all at all. ) If that does not work , then at that stage you can send me home address ok. So you are still secure in the knowledge that your address is safe. Look forward to the email. Thanks again , and hope I can send it to you that way though via your email.


    I just pm’d you, having trouble emailing you. I did pm you my address.
    I’ll pm you my email if you want.


    Got your address and thanks a mill .

    I do have block on my email so no bad stuff gets through , if you get the jist. Agony aunt, private problems , and scam coming from wome weirdos.

    yes if you can try the mail address again , I may get it now , and let you know , but if not successful , I will post ( prob be best anyway as honest my computer work is beyond BELIEF ) . I am busy tomorrow , but promise thursday will post it , and you have it by Fri. and sleep like a Baby ( well if anything like mine they up and down all night ha ha ) but sleep like a baby supposed to ……. all night…. and if dh listens he may be converted or not , and if not converted, how bout our night in Jan , and I will help you achieve your resolution anyway ……. GO ALONE ABROAD HA . You see I know the SECRET that me and Kelly have lined up . it brill


    Will try your email again

    Yeah a night out, us mt’er dont have to be asked twice.
    You willl have a load of the girls looking for hypnotherapy to lose weight and curb their sweet tooths…. half of Drogheda will be like posh spice in a few months 😆 😆 😆

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