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    U Mamma

    Benefits of Reflexology During Pregnancy

    Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing holistic therapy, which can be used safely during pregnancy. It works on the basis that the whole body is reflected onto the feet and hands and by working the specific reflex on the feet and hands it affects that particular organ, gland or body part. Many women find that pregnancy in addition to their normal daily activities can put them under pressure. Reflexology throughout pregnancy is appropriate for relaxation and stress reduction.

    Many common pregnancy symptoms can be alleviated with reflexology, including:
    [*:y41zk8np] Relief from indigestion, constipation, haemorrhoids and morning sickness. [/*:m:y41zk8np]
    [*:y41zk8np] Heartburn, back ache and sciatica. [/*:m:y41zk8np]
    [*:y41zk8np] Bad sleep patterns and lack of energy. [/*:m:y41zk8np]
    [*:y41zk8np] Preparation of the body for labour by balancing the body systems, specially the endocrine system which controls the secretion of important hormones. [/*:m:y41zk8np]
    [*:y41zk8np] Regularises blood pressure (not suitable for pre-eclampsia or eclampsia).[/*:m:y41zk8np][/list:u:y41zk8np]

    Benefits of Reflexology during Pregnancy:
    [*:y41zk8np] Improves energy levels. [/*:m:y41zk8np]
    [*:y41zk8np] Improves sleep. [/*:m:y41zk8np]
    [*:y41zk8np] Improves digestion. [/*:m:y41zk8np]
    [*:y41zk8np] Reduces heartburn and reflux. [/*:m:y41zk8np]
    [*:y41zk8np] Strengthens immune system. [/*:m:y41zk8np]
    [*:y41zk8np] Reduces swelling. [/*:m:y41zk8np]
    [*:y41zk8np] Increases sense of calm and relaxation.[/*:m:y41zk8np][/list:u:y41zk8np]

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    Customer Feedback

    About our holistic therapist Lynn: "Absolutely amazing treatment. Therapist was extremely professional & experienced. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience & will definitely be back".

    Fiona, South Dublin

    Thank you Fiona!

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    U Mamma

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