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    hey girls went to belfast at the weekend my first time there and really enjoyed it unfortunately didn’t have much time to spend there was on a hens so looking around was limited, got to the disney store was a must a at least i got there….

    but defo reccommend whether or not heading up for girlie weekend rosemantic weekend or day shopping it’s a lovely place….they don’t tolerate much hen madness thankfully we were quite reserved and only had badges bride to be didn’t want dressing up which was fine clubs/pubs ask you to remove badges etc and return at end of night….drink was cheap….and food ws nice too, lots of lovely places to go to for nice drinks cocktails etc…..and lunch…

    there’s also lots of things to have for the trip etc like kareoke bus, or a pink fire engine with music etc…..limos and more, but we never booked any of these things but saw them on the street and people seemed to be having fun….

    shops are great clothes are faband apparently topshop clothing is much better up north as regards selection than down south……

    People are so friendly, girls dress lovely not slappery and not sloppy drunks, friendly, the guys are good looking and actually women are well out numbered whne out in pubs clubs etc…..seems to be more up there than down this direction, (not that i was interested but the single girls with us were in heaven) the men dress nice don’t stand around googling girls with beers in their hands, they actually open doors for ya, say hello, and step out of your way if coming towards you and apologise if bump into you….everyone seems to have fun and no sloppy drunk idiots about now to say that there is heavy policing outside clubs and vans everywhere and mobile drunks ambulance service….but otherwise everyone seemed to be quite friendly…..

    will defo make a point in going there for a weekend with the hubby can’t believe that it’s only less than 2 hours away on a train…..especially now the sterling is the way it is at the moment……

    anyway just thought would tell ya’s about it, we stayed in apartments that were huge for us all would reccommend…..malone hotels and apartments on the lisburn road belfast…..




    yeah i had a weekend away up there a few years ago before we had the children, it was lovely
    i’d love to go back again


    Ah glad you had a nice time Scole!

    We northies are a very respectable and likeable bunch 😀 😆 😀 😆

    There are actually loads of places to visit, be it for a weekend, or a family day out. The Giants Causeway is lovely to visit, and there are beautiful scenic drives up there as well theres also the American Folk Park In Omagh, Tullymore Forest Park In Newcastle, Marble Arch Caves near Enniskillen, and its all only up the road!!

    Things have come on a long way in the last 10 years or so and it is great to see.


    Oh and how could I forget IKEA LOL!!! :lol:😆 –> <!– s:D:D 😆


    Been up to Ikea twice in two weeks Lol!!!!!

    It was amazing and sooo family friendly, my dd spent nearly 2 hours ( as it was quiet during the week) in the lovely free creche there watching films, drawing, playing finger puppets and playing in there ball pool.

    The restaurant is wonderfully thought out they have tray trolleys, breast feeding zone, toddlers plates etc, play area, lovely cheap food, organic kids stuff, spotlessly clean toilet facilities, free top ups on tea, coffee and minerals….absolutely wonderfull for a spin out. Only takes me an hour and a half from here.

    I agree people I have met from the North are allvery friendly and they go out of there way to help etc.

    Would love to go on a night out there. Sounds great Scole


    Trixie I’ll second the Marble Arch Caves, they are stunning and miles better the the alawee caves in Clare. You get into a little boat on an underwater river, its a bit like willy wonka 😆 😆 😆 😆

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