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    Ikea has nice bed and mattresses. The only thing is the size is in cm, not inch, the difference is tiny but if you buy one in ikea you better of buying the rest there as well. Some beds can have any mattress inch or cm but some would need to perfect fit.

    I have a foam/latex, love it, don’t like sprung had bad experiences, but just a personal taste.

    A mattress should be choosen depending on your body type and weight and your partner.


    Hi All
    I wanna buy a new bed(king size). What sort of matress should i go for?
    sprung,foam,there’s so many different types? 😕

    also, any recommendations on where to buy?



    hi Fabienne

    thx for the advice. myself and hubby are reasonably light..combined weight probably about major back issues…dh has hayfever,if that matters??


    we have an orthopedic matress and a foam topper…have to say love love love it…(the foam topper that is) best bet is to go to a store and lie on the beds first….enjoy


    Go in a store and try them, as well when you roll over, your partner on his side should not feel it, if it seams bouncy when you try it will be worse at home as you roll over more than you think during the course of a night. And if each time one of you rolls the other one should still be able to sleep.

    Ikea normally has staff trained for that great for advices (and price).
    The foam can have various density.
    The density of the foam as well as the depth of it matters.

    If you can I would not go for fisrt price (even if being light you could) as you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, it should be comfortable and good enough quality as you’ll keep it for at least 10 years.



    I have a spring mattress with a cushion topper (built in) the foam toppers look great but wouldnt fit my mattress…

    I was looking last year, some many options i just gave up!!! Was in ikea last week and was impressed with both quality and price…

    I heard so many bad things about the foam, there are two type of foam (i didnt know this) there is a synthetic foam (made from waste from the petrol industry) then you have the dearer more natural foam…. the synthetic foam can cause you to over heat in bed 😆 did read up alot when looking to buy, some people just find the foam generates too much heat, now i’d be in heaven as im always cold.
    So if going for a foam your better going for the more expensive one, i loved the foam but dh didnt at all… we couldnt agree so let it for a while or till his back hurts so much he will let me get the foam.

    Just something to think about when buying your bed, a spring mattress has a life of about 10 years if your lucky, if they see more action well a few years less 😆 😆 😆
    A Foam mattress is 20 years plus, so the outlay might be more now but you would save with the foam in the longterm…. Good luck

    oh you do need to try before you buy and you really need the two of you, i was in harveys looking at a mattress i liked, dh sat on the edge of the bed and i nearly ended up on the floor 😆 😆 😆 It was like a trampoline 😯


    you’re right need to go try some out….think we’ll go around a few shops next Saturday, and see what we like.


    A couple of years back we boughtthe memory foam mattress. I love it…..dh doesnt!! He gets a pain in his back if he lies a certain way. I love the warmth of the bed – as Taylor says it does generate alot of heat so no heavy pj’s in our house iykwim 😉 😉 I read that ikea will allow you to buy and try it out at home for some weeks and if the mattress doesnt suit they will exchange for something different – good idea as its difficult to make a decision on a lie down in the shop 😯


    I have been looking at beds and I found a really reasonable website

    I havent bought from it yet, but prices are good! 🙂


    We usually go to Hodgins in Balbriggan, across from the train station. very reasonably priced, delivered and assembled with no fuss and they clean uo after themselves. My parents have been buying furniture off them for years and we started buying from them when we got married and bought a house. They have really nice stuff, especially beds. Well worth a look. Ask for Eamonn, hes the owner and he’s lovely. They get lots of people from Mumstown in because their prices are very good.

    Let us know how you get on

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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