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    Hi ladies,

    I am at my wits end – my four year old(in two weeks) has just started bed wetting. Four out of the last six nights and twice during the day. He even asked to be brought to the loo twice – would not go in on his own.

    I am at a loss as to what has brought this on. He is a very happy jolly little fella. He does not get into fights – he is a little charmer and friends with everyone. I have asked him about playschool and the minders – if he is a happy and if anyone is upsetting him but he just laughs and acts giddy.

    This morning, I had to drag him out of the car to get him into the minders – he even tried to bite me to stop me bringing him in. I did ask the minder if everything was alright and to keep an eye on him.

    He does drink a lot – always thirsty. I have tried cutting out drinks after a certain time but he cries non-stop aboutbeing thirsty until he gets a little drink.

    Any suggestions?


    hey mammycool,

    hope you doing ok, there is a new website that has been set up to help parents dealing with bed wetting, its at

    Hope that helps, good luck.


    Thanks Sabbi – we appear to be back to normal – thank god. Don’t know what brought it all on but he has stopped again. I have cut out juices after dinner time – they always make him wee more. I will give him a drink 1 1/2 hours before bed and a very small one just before bed if he really insists.

    Been dry for about two weeks. The other one has been sick and pucking in her bed instead!!!!


    Oh poor you, its always something. Maybe something happened to upset him or perhaps he was having some bad dreams – glad to hear he is settled now and getting back to normal.

    Hope your other little one better. Take care. x


    I think they go through phases, not an accident for months then you can have a few bad nights in a row, then all back to normal!
    I have to watch what ds drinks, he gulps drinks down so reduce the amounts after 6pm

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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