Bed Wetting

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    Paudie Barry

    I believe can help you solve the problem of your child wetting the bed.

    Our 7 year old daughter had a problem with bed wetting. In hindsight, we used "pull up nappies" for far too long. When we took her out of "bed pants" my daughter was wetting the bed on a regular basis, this went on for a few years.

    I’m sure you can empathise with the parental frustration of changing bedclothes and bringing the duvet to the laundrette, not to mention seeing the look of self disapointment in our sweet daughters face.

    Pm for info.


    Ah God love her and you!
    I think Sabbi posted up a link about bedwetting a few months ago and it said that a simple visit to the gp could solve this, something about a chemical imbalance that allows the bladder to open, 1 tablet a day can cure this…. i hope Sabbi can remember the link

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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