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    Lots of chat on other web sites about rogue callers to the door…seems to be a spate of bogus people trying to get entry in to peoples houses.

    Burglars acting as E.S.B , emergency plumbers, builders, salesmen and even bogus Pizza Delivery.

    Be on your guard…tell any elderly people too


    We have had a couple of fastfood delivery guys when we hadn’t ordered we were wondered if it was kids playing pranks


    thanks for the warning,god i hate this kind of thing, makes u feel unsafe in your own home!


    happy well done for posting this my mum lives in Dublin and she had to ring the garda the other night, she said about 3am the doorbell rang twice, she looked out the front window and didnt see anyone, about 30mins later the door bell rang again again she looked out. and nobody was about.

    She didnt turn on any lights but was looking out the front room window as she thought it was a bit strange, a white hiace van pulled up outside and was there about 30 mins, she phoned her 70 year old friend who lives a few doors down, they were watching and chatting on the phone, then she heard like what sounded like someone putting a key in her front door… she phoned the garda and they were up in minutes, two guys were picked the were Easteren European and the were working delivering the clothing collection leaflets, the Garda believe they are behind a few break ins in the area,
    They ring the doorbell to see if a light goes on and check it the house is empty, the garda said the fact my mam didnt turn the lights on made them believe the house was empty!!!!!!!!! They got a warning as there was no crime but be warned


    Oh God Taylor thats soo scary, bet ur mam got a fright, but it was good that she had her friend to talk to at the time.

    I hate when someone rings my door bell. There was this woman the other day and put some leaflets, a calendar or something through the door and then rang to doorbell to see if we wanted to buy it 😯 😯 now I give to charirties etc where I can but i think this was a bit cheeky putting it though your door and then expecting you to buy it, plus she woke the baby with all her cafuffling at my door 😮


    That is the thing that annoys me most about people that you didnt invite call at your door. Next thing I know DS1 is at the top of the stairs to see who it is and DS2 is wailing! AHHHH!!! All for the sake of a leaflet you didnt want in the first place! 👿


    oh god, scary…also heard another thing is where the alarm is set off you go down turn it off then it’s set off again, you turn it off reset it and then same happens again then what happens is that you get fed up turning the alram off and resetting you leave it off, then they break in…..

    so moral of the story double check settings or zones interuppted and if you notice it’s going off more than usual phone the garda….

    suppose we could write up a list of urban myths robbing house stories, or even bogus callers…lol…..let’s just hope non of us get affected


    i shit a brick when my alarm goes off, the noise is sooo terrifying. there is no way i would check any doors or windows id be froze to the spot.


    i remember a while back in the the summer it was around 11 in the morning. the next door neighbors were at work and kids at school. me and my mum were chatting out in are kitchen and we heard glass shattering out side i went to the back door to see what was going on i opened it and my next door neighbors little window was broke and i disturbed the fella who was trying to break in he ran. we rang the girl that lived in the house the only phone number we had was the school she works in she said thankyou and i was very brave for doing that.
    there house hasnt being broke into since. but before that they had 3 break ins and over 4000 euro worth of stuff was taken.


    I had 3 stes of kids come knocking the other day singing Jingle bells all within about 5 mins of each other. only about 7 or 8. Told them to sing away they wern’t getting a penny off me… Needless to say they didn’t sing for very long!!!

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