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    Hi ladies,

    I have already posted this under "hot local topics" but just wanted to put the word out as much as possible.

    I just wanted to inform you, a friend of mine that lives in Five Oaks The View was telling me last night that afew of the cars on the road and in Five Oaks Village (detached houses around the corner) have been broken into at night time.

    Just to make sure you dont have any sat-navs, mini-tellys or anything like that left in your cars. One of the women left her bag in her car over night by accident and they basically just saw it and smashed the window. They took what the could and ran, and there was another car in The View that was done aswell on the same night so be extra alert for dodgy looking cars hanging around. They arent just going for "old/easy to gain access to" cars. These were pretty new cars that were broken into.

    There was a white van seen at the front of the estate at about 5am on Tuesday morning and the driver sped off when they realised they had been seen.

    Not wanting to spook anyone but unfortunately you just cant be too careful!!![/

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