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    Financial Companion

    I’m reliably informed, that Coast in scotch hall have many of their recently arrived in lines into sale status already. Only detail I can remember being told is that maxi dresses that were €200 recently are €40 or €50!

    And no, I’ve never bought an outfit there! :lol: (not even to get into the ladies-only bowling night HMM :wink: )


    I can go one even better than that….Oasis maxi dresses, were 88 euro, down to 12!! Got some the other day in anticipation of the nice summer we are going to have (yes, very optimistic but lets hope it happens!!)

    Financial Companion

    Here here to the good summer Sabbi!! Considering all the talk about global warming…’s about time we had some! 😆

    Financial Companion

    Forgot to say, Coast and Oasis are the same company so will often do good deals at the same time! Now if only the banks would start giving us money with 50% discount!! 😆


    €10 voucher in drogheda leader for super valu if you spend over 60 euro

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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