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    Hi Ladies

    Help . need to get one for xmas , Barbie Camper Van its all she wants and I cant get it , argos doesnt have it , smyths …
    I can get in on Toys r Us uk , but its £70 + delivery… didnt think it would be that much…

    any ideas


    Hey Almae,

    If you’re really stuck, email Fix It Friday….the guys in there are great on things like this. email is

    Good luck, you’ve plenty of time, you should be able to get on in time 😉


    Tried Toymaster in Dublin? they are dearer than Smyths but they have a much bigger choice in Playmobil or Lego for example than them. They are on Mary street at end of Henry str.


    or duffys toy world in dunleer he always hasthings that you can’t get anywhere


    Almae im out to Dunleer tomorrow to try find a feckin castle that i cant get anywhere…. its an old fisher price castle from yonks ago not on sale anymore, so out to look at the playmobile stuff in Dunleer, will have a look for you….
    Have lost your number so if you still have mine text me your number and i’ll have a look…. if not i could get my brother in Derry to pick it up in toy r us


    pm sent taylor 😉


    Got it… will text you from the shop if i find it….. will have a look on line before i go so i know what im looking for… not good with girls toys

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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