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    We used to buy this brand regularly. I like the relish and sauces but then a while back, I cam across an article about Darina Allen (celebrity chef for past 30 years who co-owns the brand with her husband Tim) and in this article she was slamming the press and media for ‘intruding’ into her life in despicable ways. She says she hates the press after the way they treated and judged her family….

    I was intrigued, so I did some googling and came across loads of articles about her husband -Tim – who is a baker and started the Ballymaloe brand with her and to this day teaches baking classes at the Ballymaloe cookery school – and discovered that he is actually a convicted pedophile.

    He was in the UK at a conference on day (well, he said it was conference but who knows with a lying pedophile) and he phoned to tell her he’d been tipped off that the Gardai were coming to raid their home to look for child porn.

    Instead of helping the Gardai (the woman is a mother and grandmother!)she destroyed some of the evidence against her husband. They still found a lot of images on his hard drive and he was found guilty of possessing child porn.

    Instead of being sent to jail, he offered to pay his way out of it and the judge said ok. So, he paid 40,000 to charity and was able to walk away a free man.

    He left court with his wife by his side supporting him. Back to their multi millionaire business. Back to teaching at their cookery school.

    The judge said the bad publicity was punishment enough and that his business would suffer and this was worse than a jail sentence.

    But guess what, the brand has grown stronger and is now on a flipping McDonalds Mac Mic burger. Its in Tesco and all major supermarkets.

    And his daughter-in-law, Rachel Allen, is at the forefront now, pushing the brand. Despite the fact she has children – they all pretend like it never happened.

    Its disgusting – shouldn’t we be harder on child sex offenders??

    Here is one of the many articles about this awful man and how he got away with it :twisted: … 28355.html



    Known that for ages.
    Ballymaloe relish or pervert sauce as I’ve heard it called



    Didn’t know that – yuk, not buying that again



    unfortunately its always been the way, people would rather sweep it all under the carpet and pretend it didn’t happen especially if they can get money out of them from it
    no one cares about the damage done by these people



    Yes – this was big news a few years back. At the time, Darina disappeared off the cookery programs and Rachel made her grand entrance.

    Dirty old pervert was caught with lots of child porn on his computer. I am fairly sure that he went to court in Ireland for that. I have heard rumour since that it was another family member and he covered for them – cannot imagine anyone doing that though!!



    I could not imagine someone pretending to be a paedophile.

    In my head, that’s worse than a murderer. Its so despicable.

    I cannot fathom why this brand is so popular and how companies like McDonalds can be using it when they are all about family eating!

    And just this weekend, I was reading a supplement in Irish Independent where Darina Allen was named as one of the most influential women over 50 and I think that’s awful – especially as she stood beside her husband when he was convicted and apparently, destroyed evidence too.

    Shame on her as well – I think she should have been arrested for what she did too.

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