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    Hi Ladies,

    I’m looking for ballet classes for my 3 year old girl. It would have to be somewhere in Dundalk. Don’t have a car to drive anywhere outside of town.

    I found Malone Dance Academy online but there are no prices. Can anyone give me some idea of where to go or an idea of enrollment fees? I know with ballet there is the added extra of dress, shoes and examinations but would like to know about term fees.

    Has anyone’s daughter/son gone to ballet? Is it worth the money?

    Thanks :)


    My daughter went to ballet in Malone acadamy. She started mid way through the term and charged €8.50 a lesson. When I was going for the next term she was charging a ridiculous €20 registration fee working out at €11.50 a lesson for 3/4 hour. There was pressure all the time for uniforms, dance shows, and summer schools, it never seemed to end. Sometimes she would cancel the class and ask the children to attend at a different time.
    I got fed up and switched to Suzanne at Coastal Ballet school in Drogheda. Suzanne charges a flat rate of €85 a term, which works out at €7 a class for the term up to Christmas probably works out a bit more expensive for the shorter terms, but classes are an hour long and Suzanne is really lovely. Daughter tells me she prefers it too ( although it could be me putting words in her mouth!!).
    Coastal ballet school is based in a couple of locations around Drogheda and Bettystown. Its a long distance from Dundalk for a ballet lesson but if you could tie it in with something else in Drogheda, Id definitely recommend it


    Hi Oriordon,

    Thanks for the reply. I might check out the Coastal one then. I was thinking of enrolling her in the new year but would you suggest waiting till the start of the term?

    If Coastal is worth it I may make the extra effort to travel. 🙂

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