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    Hia can someone tell me which is the most straightforward route and which exit to take if you’re going southbound towards Dublin on the M1 please? I’m no wiser from looking at it on Google Maps!! Thanks. : )


    If your coming from drogheda ….. the easiest way is to take the old main road out of drogheda and it’s straight all the way … you’ll pass through Julianstown etc….. then once you pass Mosney (apple service station) the road forks (one for motorway and the other for Balbriggan). Stay left and you’re on the right road for Balbriggan, once you’re in the centre of the town it’s a left turn at ‘Deli Burger’ (although with one way road changes you may have to make a detour, it’s been ages since I was last there).

    But don’t worry whatever way you come into Balbriggan the main street is very short, so you’ll find the cinema easily. You can always ask the locals !

    Enjoy the movie.


    Thanks very much for that 😉
    I’m bad at directions at the best of times but adding in this weather and a dark evening and I’d have ended up in mullingar!!! 😆


    This is a great little cinema, they do great deals on Monday & Tuesday nights for couples and at the weekends they do a kids club and they have about 7 kids movies on, including all the new releases and its costs only 5.50 per child for admission, drink, popcorn and the adult goes free. And, if they bring their rubbish with them on the way out they get a little treat to take home too.

    Its a great cinema, nice and clean too, we go quite often.

    There is free parking in the underground supervalu car park for 3 hours or parking is paid on the main st Mon-Sat.

    The kids club runs Saturday & Sunday.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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