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    Bagel Bar are now part of the ‘Count me in’ campaign which means they are one of the few restaurants/cafes in the country who are displaying the calorie count on their menu boards beside each item.

    If anyone would like to see how many cals is in each Bagel, you can click here for details: … 10&theater

    Some of them are really low, good to know you can have a filling lunch that is not fattening – makes you wonder why so many restaurants are refusing to do it???


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    That’s great help for anyone who is being careful at present!

    Glad they didn’t have those signs in front of the giant, sugar-coated, chocolate chip cookies that we had for the mumstowners in the d hotel this morning! 😆


    They could still put the calories for giant cookies.
    Diet or been carefull about weight doesn’t mean to give up giant buttery cookies, it just means, eating only one and not every day.

    It’s great that Bagel bar put the calories count.
    There is one bagel I like, but order it rarely thinking it’s high in calories, it’s in fact one under 400.
    Now I’ll know what I’ll have next time.



    I was most surprised at the Ploughman’s – that is one of the lowest and has ham, turkey, cheese etc. Its really yum and not heavy on cals, fair play to Bagel Bar.


    Its great. Was in there for lunch with few friends and could see exactly what we were consuming. I was also surprised that one of my favs was one of the lowest at 360 cals….delighted with that 😀 still had my "once a week" choc chip cookie 😆 😆 As Fabienne rightly says its ok to have treats now and again but now we know the calories in the bagels we enjoy. Was delighted to see that and told the manager and owner that….they were chuffed at the great response they are having 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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