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    They say bad things come in 3’s….

    This morning our boiler went, then the car cut out and then the washing machine started bouncing around like there are rocks in it!!

    Can someone send us some good karma please????!!!

    Feeling like its one step forward, two steps back here at the moment. :evil:

    Tomorrow will be a better day…tomorrow will be a better day….


    Crap..sorry to hear that! Like you I am looking forward to the new year with wide open arms! Been a rough few months here as well!!


    As the song goes……"things can only get better" ……… least you have all got your good health 😀


    hopefully that’s the end of your bad run sabbi


    Er….. makes that bad things come in 4’s – the door fell off the dishwasher yesterday too!

    Running to stand still here at moment.

    But hopeful today will be a good day. 😀


    make that ‘bad things come in 5’s’ because today the washing machine stopped working altogether and of course its out of warranty.

    Do you ever just feel like giving up? Really have had enough of this year.

    I am a grumpy sod today…. 🙁 😈


    sorry to hear about your bad luck, hopefully it gets better.

    we have had some bad luck too, our boiler burst a pipe and nearly flooded the kitchen (fixed for now though)

    the hubby lost 50 euro, the only money we had from friday till monday

    logan burst his runners (that he just got) and have no money to buy other so he has to wear his other ones that he isn’t too keen on it but i told him he has the choice of those shoes or bare feet
    it just hits all at once

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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