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    I visited Bizou today Easter Sunday because this is my only day off this weekend and I did not want to cook, also there was not alot of places open.
    However I cannot recommend the place at all!
    The location of the restaurant is great and the design is spot on they have plenty of space and lots of high chairs so it seems family friendly.
    What was truly dreadful was the service:

    Firstly we were served the wrong food and when i eventually attracted a staff members attention (they were too busy talking) I got no apology for this error. Then I had to wait while the rest of my family ate and my food arrived just as they were finishing so while I was eating my husband had to bring the bored two year old outside for a walk.

    When the waitress served the correct food i again got no apology she also didn’t clear the empty plates or ask if I wanted another drink i had finished the first one while waiting for my food.
    Also we noticed that the other diners were eating things that we hadn’t seen on the menu so there must have been a specials list which we were not shown.

    throughout the time we were there there were about seven or eight staff giggling behind the counter which looked very unprofessional and also the music was very loud and irritating.

    finally we had to stand waiting for a waitress to stop talking so we could pay, we were never asked if we enjoyed the meal or thanked for our custom and it cost 33 euros for a pizza, cod and chips and a kids meal.
    The food was ok but nothing to write home about

    Also i would like to make a point that customer service does not seem to be a priority in many restaurants but in this particular cafe it was awful. all the staff who served us were unsmiling as if we had interrupted their day. all the staff we dealt with were Irish.

    Sorry about the rant but I think that as mumstown grows in popularity we should make it a priority to highlight good and bad service where we find it we may actually have some influence and we should use it


    Thanks for that..I cannot stand that type of thing. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are interupting staff!! I am a great woman for complaining to the manager..I think we should demand better service, especially nowadays when everything is so expensive! We should defo post more stories like this, as well as when we go somewhere and get great service! Mumstown will help us get better service and value for our hard earned money!!!


    Buzou used to be very good when it first opened with very good service however recently I have not been entirely happy with the sevrcie or the prices. When it first opened it was competively priced with a good selection of meals.

    Recently I have noticed if the manager/owner is not there, the staff can be very lazy. Also the prices of the food in the last six months has gone up and the selection has diminished. A plain green salad or ceasar salad with no chicken is €7 for a small bowl and €10 for a large bowl. If you want meat add an extra €3. When I asked the waitress what was in the salad, she didn’t seem to want to ell me and said just leaves and lettuce. Also charging € for a panini and tiny side salad of leaves and 3 crisps is a bit much. The main specials have gone up between €2-€3 in the last four months.

    During my pregnancy I sometimes went in for just a coffee and would ask for a glass of water, but I would never get the water. I remember asking asking 3 different waiting staff for the water but it never came. After the birth of my dd I did go there for Sunday lunch several times but I have stopped going because I find them very greedy.

    I had heard many bad reports about Jaffas and when I went in there when it first opened I was not happy with the menu choice or the service. I was there over the weekend and although I think the service could improve the menu was much better. Unfortunately the waitress took my plate beforee I had finished my meal while I was feeding my dd. I got a lovely salad with Brie and chicken for €8 and I was surprised how muchmeat and cheese I got with the salad. I would go back there again because you can sit outside beside the river.

    I also like Highlanes ArtCafe. They do specials for €9.50 which is a maindish with a large side salad. The food is very fresh and the menu for paninis, specials, soups and open sandwiches changes on a daily basis. I find it much more relaxing. The staff are very friendly but not too much in your face trying to squeeze the last penny out of you which Bizou has become.


    i am in drogheda all my life and dont know this place. whereabouts is it???


    Hi Lisa
    I also have found that the service is slipping in this place. We used to go in quite a lot when we first had our DD as we found it quite child and buggy friendly. However the last time I was in there they were quite busy and we had the pram with us and felt that we were an annoyance to the staff and they couldn’t wait to get rid of us. I couldn’t enjoy any food under that circumstance and my poor Mother had indigestion for the rest of the day as she felt that she had to eat so quickly just to get out.


    I ate in Bizou loads of times in the past with ds and I loved it, but I havent been in there is ages… dh never like the place. I loved it because of the friendly staff, they would go out of their way to make sure I was ok, they would serve ds his food before mine and give coffee refills.
    Dont have a bad word to say about Jaffas, always get great food and service is grand, but I’m never there at rush hour. Jaffas can be a bit tricky with your buggy though.
    I would have eaten in the Blackbull alot but stopped going as the menu was crap and over priced, has anyone been lately


    OMG in the summer I was a bizou regular at least once or twicw a week loved the place food was always great n love anywhere that doesn’t try feed my small people chips n sausages, nuggets or fishfingers n try pass it off as a kids menu.

    I am so disapointed to hear it has gone downhill will have to find a new reason not to cook!!!


    Yeah I have been in bizou recently and I think it has gone up in price. I dont think that the staff are as nice as they were there. Maybe a few of them are gone that were there when it opened first.

    I should have gone to the subway.

    Mumof2 😉


    I have never eaten in subway, is it just rolls and sambos? I do love the smell, is it worth a visit?


    I think that place is a death trap ( subway) they have moved it inside the gym area on the mezzanine level and the chairs are pushed up against the glass which isnt very high, definate accident waiting to happen with a toddler standing on a chair and toppling over


    There’s a really nice little cafe down beside the old abbey, next door to the dance studio. It’s always really quiet and the sandwiches and food are lovely. We often pop in there on a Saturday and really like it. Unfortunately I can’t think of the name of it. If you go down the small street beside the old VG (supervalu?) and turn right to where the actual old abbey tower is, the cafe is tucked away on the right about half way up.
    Was never a great fan of Bijou, it’s fine, but a bit too impersonal for me.


    HMM there is a subway in the town now, the back of the old town centre. Would you not say it to the staff/manager and highlight the dangers.
    Ciarao, is the cafe down the back of O’Sheas?


    Yes that’s the one. Have you been there?


    No not yet, I was rushing down the lane one day and see it, I made a note to give the place a try but forgot about it until you posted about it. It does look fab, it was lovely sunny day and the people eating outside looked so opposite to me, all chilled out and relaxed


    told them taylor. would steer clear though or sit right away

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