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    Is anyone else driven insane with how hard it is to get around Drogheda as a pedestrian? I read the topic below about the zebra crossings on West/Peter/Laurence Street and wholeheartedly agree – as both pedestrian and motorist.

    Pedestrians, though, are second class citizens in this town. Take the top of Peter Street |(the junction with William Street/Fair Street) at the entrance to the Laurence Town Centre. Ever tried to cross there pushing an infant in a pram with one hand and a 3 year old with the other? It is almost as if they don’t want people walking around town at all. It’s not as if the traffic is going anywhere fast at that point – surely it’s as obvious as the nose on your face that some sort of crossing is needed here?!

    That’s just one example in a sea of disastrous town planning. Shop Street (beside Wogan’s), the Bull Ring, Sunday’s Gate, Trinity Street/North Road – and I’m sure there’s many more examples I don’t know about.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we all got together as a concerned pedestrians group and were able to lobby the Council more effectively?


    Zippie couldn’t agree with you more!
    Even when they have a chance to design a more pedestrian safe crossing from the beginning … you get something like what they did at the new ALDI in the Drogheda Retail Park.
    I refuse to shop there! You take your life in your hands crossing at that turn … and drivers don’t care if you have a cart and a few kids when you’re crossing!!
    I think drivers could be a bit more courteous as well!


    I agree – I bet the guy whom had the last say in traffic Management doesn’t even live in Drogheda.

    I work in Duke Street – i have to go round in circles to go to work , it is mad……


    Hi girls,

    The pedestrian crossings in Drogheda are a joke – even where they exist! The drivers do not appear to understand the rules of the road ie. once you put your foot on them, they must stop. You take you life in your hands actually using them. It seems to be accepted practice in Ireland to run through pedestrian crossings! Add in the complication of having a baby on tow – and you turn into a raving lunatic mother, screaming at any car that comes close to your little darling(that would be me 🙂


    It’s great having a forum to rant and rave on….
    But wouldn’t it better to take some action? I have 3 kids, part time job, etc etc., but wouldn’t mind taking this on.

    Why don’t we become a lobbying group? compile a list of concerned Drogheda pedestrians? You guys could start by passing me on your details, then we come up with a concrete list of problem areas in town. Then we all go and recruit at least 10 people more each, and so on… till we have a list of contacts who can help out in a small way.

    Then we pick a time to start our campaign, I send round an email (or text) to all the contacts, and they use various means -ringing local Councillor, letters to the Council, emails, etc etc – to complain about these problems – and (hey presto!) something gets done! Or not! But at least we try and it’s better than doing nothing! What do you think?


    … I guess not then ….!
    I will post maybe in a busier forum


    who was the very clever person that decided to put up a new stop sign and draw a stop line on the road just as you come across Narrow West Street at the junction where Narrow West Street meets Dominic Street. I was heading over the town towards West Street and couldn’t believe a stop line and sign (which I saw last minute) on the town’s main through road……I thought Dominic Street was a side street, so to speak…….very confusing& dangerous. So all traffic coming up Dominic Street has right of way now onto West Street………….


    I know someone for the DC should be given ta buggy and a screaming child and told to take a walk about hte town

    I’ve just been onto them over the dirty and muck on the footpaths between Five Oaks and Beaubec… I had to change my jeans yesterday as its soooo mucky. I told them that muck can be as slippy as ice and if someone falls they would be held responsible

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