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    Today was a a real mixture……..this morning for 4 hours solid Hailey screamed her head off,nothing I did to try to calm her down worked I fed her,changed her,rocked her,sang….i even resorted to turning on and putting her beside the hoover as white noise is meant to be calming absolutely nothing worked,i was pretty close to crying myself by the time my partner came home at 1pm ( he had taken a half day to go to temple street with me for her appointment)……so she finally slept on the way in in the car,her first sleep of the day.

    Now for the good news part of the day,her appointment wih her consultant went well,they are happy with her weight & length & her incision wound from the operation has healed well.she was prodded & poked a bit and they are happy enough that she doesnt need to be seen back at Temple Street for 4 months.we just have to bring her to get her hearing checked by a speciaiist as kids that have a diaphragmatic hernia are more prone to deafness,I dont think she will have a problem there as she is always jumping at loud noises.

    so that was my day filled with lows & highs!……..


    Thats the kind of days mammies have to get used to. terrible stress and dark lows and then unbelievable, euphoric highs. Parenthood is a total rollercoaster of emotions and experiences.

    I get up every day now and I accept I have no idea what will happen. I may have a plan to go to work or take the kids out and I have an idea of how my day will pan but I know that at any moment things can change.

    Like my daughter swallowing a ten cent coin and we end up in A&E. Like the kids getting chickenpox the week before our first family holiday in 3 years and us nearly not being able to go. Like the car breaking down on the way to our son’s first mass to prepare him for his holy communion, meaning we missed it….

    I used to get so stressed when things unexpected happened but after being a mammy for 8 years, I kind of expect the unexpected now and I don’t get so upset anymore. Thats not to say I expect bad things to happen – I just expect things I am not expecting to happen. Not sure if I’m explaining this correctly!!

    I still get upset when something goes wrong or I am sleep deprived because baby is crying alot but I think you build up a strength as you go on being a parent. Some days I think I am going to crack up but then something wonderful happens, like my baby daughter picking up her first little dolly today and practically kissing the face off it – and when you see something like that, all the bad stuff kind of melts away.

    Hopefully she will start to settle soon and she will be a bit more content and it will get easier for you.

    We find the swinging chair good at settling our baby. We pop her in and put it on swing and it works well. It does not always stop her crying but sometimes it settles her and gets her off to sleep for an hour or two and we sit down, have a cuppa and take a deep breath. sometimes we are so stressed, I think us mammies actually forget to breathe properly!!


    Hang in there Brenda!

    So pleased all went well at the consultant, you can relax as well in the knowledge that she isn’t poorly just grumpy.. 😀

    My dd was a very grumpy baby..if she could have stuck two fingers up at me and told me to eff off she would!!!! Hence the long gap between dd1 and angel dd2..

    It will get easier I promise, I think sleep is the main thing..get that pushchair out and walk till you drop ..thats what I used to least our dog was happy 😉


    Sabbi totally get what you mean – sometimes it can be the little things too like baby will always need a change just as your about to walk out the door so you end up late etc but the highs are so worth it.
    Brenda i’m delighted to hear that all was well with Hailey’s check up – she will settle and you’re doing fantastic!!!!!!! As Hmm lots of walking it does help, gas my pair are now 2.5 & 5 and when the bickering starts 🙄 easiest fix is "right come on coats lets go for a walk"


    Try putting her basket on top of working washing machine / tumble drier – aparantly there are good vibrations!!!! (PS Don’t let her fall off!!!!!)


    yep definately agree the walks in buggy do wonders..our bad days tendto be sofa days where we dont get out house but even if ds is screaming if i just keep going get him in coat wrapped up in buggy and out that door within minutes he is quiet…also brenda toddler groups and baby groups help…even if u dont feel like going once there they seem to help…even if u just get quick mouthful of tea and a broken biscuit 🙂

    glad good news from hospital..

    sabbi u writeso well of ups and downs of motherhood 🙂


    i wish i could go to baby groups but doctors said im not allowed to take Hailey to places that are enclosed with lots of people, (i cant go to a shopping centre or anywhere there are people really) we have to limit her contact with other children etc….i mean its my nephews first birhtday party next week & we cant bring her to that,which is really disappointing.

    in a way i feel like im in isolation,i know she wont remember any of this that really its mostly just me & her on her own everyday but its just how it has to be for her own safety.As the consultant said as she only has the one working lung we really cant risk infections of colds of flu or she will end up back in hospital

    i am trying to get out for more walks but its hard to get motivated at times…..


    i actually prefer the walks brenda…but i do like my own company and being out in nature..Hailey not missing out really with baby groups as its more for mums at the young age…is hailey ok to go out for walks do you just have to wrap her up well? internet is great for chatting so u dont get lonely and can be done one handed at feeding times…multi tasking 😆 its more about keeping your spirits up at this tough time…but its nice in a way u have to restrict her visitors as fantastic bonding time btween 2 of u…

    today we are on a good day…had bit of meltdown trying to make some soup…ds started screaming just as was about to liquidize…and i was all of a fluster pots and stuff everywhere and starving hungry thinkin cant i ever finish just one thing 😳 but just laid him in his pram for few mins while i calmed down and peace resumed!!!

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