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    Well my wonderful time at home with my little man comes to an end next Monday. My stomach is like a washing machine every time I think about it. I cant imagine turning around an him not being there. My mum is going to mind him so I know we are lucky to have him with family but it doesnt stop my heart breaking. Any tips from mums who have been here before?


    Its not as bad as you think it will be. The thoughts of it can be heart breaking….you cannot imagine leaving them but try not to worry, he will be fine. The first week can be tough but you will both soon adjust. You are lucky that he will be with your mum and you know he is being well looked after.

    Its hard at the start but its also good sometimes for mammies to work and you’ll have something amazing to look forward to at the end of each day!

    When I have to go out for a day for meetings, events etc I miss my baby so much and I love coming home to her. She nearly runs to me and its an amazing feeling to know she missed me too. As soon as I get home, I get into trakkie bottoms or pajamas and we have lots of play time together….

    Hope its not too bad for you, think about the weekends….


    Hi Lyn, good luck with going back to work.Im sure he will be fine at least you know he will be well minded by your mum & that you can ring her anytime to see how hes getting on without you.let us know how your first week goes.


    Its so much harder on the mums then on the kids, he will be spoilt rotten!!
    The first day will be the hardest for you xx


    Your right mum dotes on him and he will be spoiled. I just hate the thoughts of minding other peoples kids while my little guy is with someone else. Suppose we waited and prayed for so long for him, it feels like I am abandoning him, have to go back to work though or he will not have a roof over his head!


    Just remember why you are going back, to provide for him and be able to get him the things he needs. Its hard for the mammies but there are some nice things – like uninterrupted lunch breaks and chatting with adults during the day about grown up topics.

    I know that does not sound like much now but they can be nice things.

    Maybe even taking a walk on your lunchbreak can be a good thing – it gives you some time alone to clear your head and refresh you for when you get home in the evening.

    I know how you are feeling, its like a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and you feel like the worst person in the world to be going back and leaving your baby – but he will be fine and after a while, you will adjust and you will be fine too.

    Chin up and let us know how you get on. Its a hard economy to be a mum – sometimes I wish I could afford not to work but its just not possible for us at the moment. I do love work and enjoy going out and getting dressed for it and meeting people etc but somedays, I do feel guilty.

    But reckon whether we stay at home or go out to work, we all feel some level of guilt about our choices!!

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