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    Obesity is rising because people walk less. Exclusion zones should be set up around schools to force parents and children to walk to class, a report suggests.

    The Institute for European Environmental Policy blames over-use of cars for fuelling the "twin crises" of global warming and an obesity epidemic.

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    If only the weather could co-operate more!


    Both my parents had cars in the 70’s, my mam was one of the only mums who had her own car, but we still walked to school. There were 6 of us, the boys to one school the girls to another futher along the road. We walk in snow and ice, if it was windy and wet mam would drive but she liked to walk. I would like to think I’d walk with ds when his time comes, Id even consider starting a walking bus.

    The school bus leaves for the top of my estate and some mums drive 500yards to the bus 🙄 🙄 🙄 This woman her kids are like big blobs 😳 sorry to say about a child, but they are on the path for diabeties


    I dont think schools should be car free zones, the responsibility is on Parents, to consider the health and environmental factors and then to choose to make the time and walk to school with their children if weather is permitting and the school is within walking distance.

    Personally my kid’s school is too far to walk to, its a mixed school, there are other same sex schools closer to home, and if they went there, yes we would walk, I know I need the excercise, and I would be quite environmentally concious too.

    Other factors need to be considered too, a single school bus taking many kids would reduce the CO2 emissions, compared to the number of cars it takes. This is something the schools/government and parents should work towards. I think so anyway – there’s my 2 cents!


    we walk to school

    1 because I don’t drive

    2 because it is close enuf

    3 because in winter it is the only fresh air the kids get

    4 because even when I start driving parking is a nightmare @ the school & just not worth the hassle

    but because it is the only irish school around here some children come a fair distance & there is no school bus service


    If people didn’t drive to school then maybe i could get along pathways and not risk the lives of my children and myself going onto the road to get past them….its ok if you live a long way away from the school then you’d have no other choice but if people used some common sense and parked away from the school because its their childrens lives they are risking too!

    Sorry about the rant it was just bugging me. 🙄


    when my dd first started school i used to walk down with her and back everyday i loved it she hated it then when the rain started i put her on the bus and i still use to walk down to collect her just get the school bus back for about a week until she was used to it ….. it is total madness in the morn around the schools with the traffic 😈


    i am planning on walking my 2 to school from sept. couldnt before this as 1 was at playschool on opposite side of town. the traffic at congress avenue is unbelievable.


    the traffic at st patricks and st brigids is flipping madness, some people pay no heed to the lollipop lady, people park in the bus lanes so the buses cant get in, i seen one woman drive into the set down area and drive straight into a pole on the road.
    i drive ds to school, only cos its on the way to work and im not forking out for a bus when i drive past the school, plus ds wouldnt be getting the bus home as he goes to his dads house which is on the opposite side of the school.
    on the rare day that i have collected ds from school, it has been even worse, ive never seen road rage like it in my life, god love the people who live on bothar brugha and church street!!!!!!!!


    i live in the country and the cars at the school are mental , cars abandoned everywhere as people leave their darlings to school, we normally walk and are the only ones on our road to do so , we get passed out by all the cars on the way. ds enjoys the walk and its nice to see him doing the same as we did when we where young 8)


    I’ve managed pretty well without a car in my life for 28yrs i think i can manage without one for awhile longer 😆
    My little ones starting at a creche in george’s street next week then in 2 weeks we are moving up the termonfeckin road so i’ll have to get up really early to get her there in time for 9.15am
    but it’ll be nice to get kind of a break for a few hours everyday till the baby arrives then it gets madder 🙄
    but i’ll still be walking there and back 🙂


    joey r there is a creche across the road from you absolute angels


    My dream is to walk my children to school one day, but living where I live in Mornington its just not safe and i live in an estate……there should be a footpath between Donacarney and Mornington…….its a lovely 20 min walk but the road is oh so dangerous.


    I know that theres a creche near me but i can’t afford that one and my dd’s cousins in this one shes going to, my SIL told me today that she’ll pick her up in the morning and drop her down to it so it will be one less this to worry about 🙂
    I’ll be dropping her down there till we move….i wouldn’t mind walking down in the mornings but maybe until the baby gets into a routine first.

    Rainbow :-)

    Our school has banned cars from the carpark after sending out numerous letters of warnings to parents asking them to park safely.A child had an accident and the ambulance had to be called.The ambulance had a lot of trouble trying to get through the carpark with selfish people parking everywhere and anywhere.So for safety reasons they banned all cars from the car park.

    I think it’s the best thing they’ve done in a while 🙂


    they should all do that, it could cost the emergency services minutes that could cost someone the lives

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